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How can you tell if a boy is flirting but has a girl friend?


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If he shows sign of amusement in his flirtation.

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how can you tell if a boy is flirting with a girl and also likes her to an extent?

To get your best friend to stop flirting with you simply tell him to stop since you have a boyfriend.

honestly, i wuld tell my girl best friend whats going on and try to stay away from the boy cuz either ur going to break ur friendship with the girl for the boy.

Ask him, put him on the spot and then go from there.

Well, you will be able to tell if they are flirting with you if they happen to hang around with you alot, or if they give you compliments.

one way to tell is if they make alot of eye contact

Are you a girl or a boy? Makes a difference.

Basically flirting is teasing a good tip is if you tell him that you friend fancies him (but don't tell him that its actually you) then that will get him to talk to you then enventually give in and tell him that you 'friend' who fancies him is actually you. that's serious flirting it worked for me because i am now married to that guy i did that to! good luck an remember carry on flirting and he will soon get the hint!

well if your friend is a boy he will act like a girl if your friend a girl well she will hang with boys

if your friend is a girl and your a boy you tell them that you know someone likes likes you and she asks who say "i cant tell you." and then the next day tell her you like her. if your a girl telling a boy that same thing. if your a girl taking to a girl tell them you are like a sister or brother to each other or something like that

Its means there flirting with you.

When a boy flirts everyday then stop but then his friend starts flirting instead means its either they are playing you or its an integrity test.

if it is a boy then they are flirting. if it is a friend then it is a nickname

if they are constantly flirting with eachother

if i where you i would tell the girl that likes that boy that he has a girlfriend.that is what i would do.

how do i tell if my my turtle is a girl or a boy?...

just act normal or find a boy n tell him that u are a girl 4 times out of 8 a boy will actually be a girl

chances are he is flirting with you.....flirt back

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