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How can you tell if a boy likes you or doesnt want you to talk to him?


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If a boy likes you as a friend, he will stay around whenever you engage him in conversation, but if he doesnt like you he will likely ignore you, or cut any type of conversation short. if he likes you more than a friend he may pay close attention and try to start and hold conversations with you.

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Start a conversation with him. If he doesnt want to talk to you he will tell you.

Continue doing what you're doing. Talk to him; hang out with him. And if you want to, you could talk to another guy to make him a little jealous. Make him tell you he likes you. And if he doesnt like you, you'll have a geat friend.

It means that they want to talk to you. no it doesnt, it mean she likes you

it means that if you likes u he might be shy but if he doesnt he just doesnt like u?

She either just doesn't want to tell you who she likes, (I'm a girl and I would never tell a guy who I like!) or she likes you! Hope I helped ;) x

He ignores you and doesnt answer your questions properly.

well he likes you or he just doesnt want to talk to you.

no it means he considers you and likes to talk to u but doesnt want to show his feelings

well you see kid you can tell if she likes you when she doesnt want to hang around you by herself because shes scared that you might try to kiss her or something. She aways has to smile around you too but if shes to shy like she doesnt talk o you then theres a problem. She just doesnt like you but on the other hand yes, if she smiles and she always stutters around you and she cant talk clearly or shes constantly laughing than she likes you:) good luck

ask her what she wants to talk about and actually LISTEN. if she asks again and your serious about her, tell her you want to talk about your relationship with her. if you're not as serious then think of something she likes and tell her you want to talk about that. if you don't like her at all.... then why are you with her?!

because he does, he just isn't ready for a relationship.

say you like him but if you want him to tell you first that he likes you you have to wait if he doesnt say it he doesnt like you or hes just to shy

He will try to talk to you or he will not talk to you unles you talk to him. Other words he goes to talk or he lays back and doesnt want to embaress himself coming to strong. Go talk to him.

All girls are different, but if you want her to like you be nice to her, and talk like you talk with your best friend.

It means that he likes you but doesnt want to get sick of you and stop liking you, or hes just busy

She doesnt want to talk about your gf because she either kinda likes you or she isnot comfortable with your gf or maybe it just doesnt cross her mind.

He likes you and he doesnt want anyone else to know go ask him out seriously. He likes you and he doesnt want anyone else to know go ask him out seriously. maybe he is shy when he is around people. If he doesnt talk to you when he his around people it does not mean he does not like you is just that he is shy

that means he likes you alot but he's shy around you because he dont want to set of a wrong vibe torwards you

Maybe he's embarrassed to talk to you or wouldn't know what to say. he doesnt want it to be dead scilence, it makes him feel awkward. but, it means he really likes you and doesnt want to say something stupid and ruin it.

by the way they treat you and the way the talk to you sometimes they may not tell you their feelings.signs:gives you a note about if you want to be his girlfriend,likes to be around you,gives you his number,asks you to go with him,says he likes you,talk to you alot.

Another way to try it, is for you to open up on that same topic first. That will give him the confidence to talk about it.

he likes you but is shy so doesnt talk to you in person. guys dont email random girls. he probably doesnt hang out with girls and has a bunch of guy friends, so he doesnt want to make anything akward but randomly talking to a girl......he may like. try to get him to talk to you in person so you can find more about him so you can have a better guess if he likes you. or, you can get one of your friends to ask him who he likes or does he talk or who he emails to see if he emails you for fun, or because he wants to find away around talking to you in person, but still to talk to you.

Well If he is constantly picking on you he obviosly is just trying to find a reason to talk to you but doesnt wanna come off as freindly for fear that you may think he likes you (which he doesnt want you to know.) Also if you notice him always looking at you he probly likes you.

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