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How can you tell if a boy loves you?

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The boy will tell u he loves u and he will want to spend alot of time with u and he will tell u himself

2013-06-25 22:45:51
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Do boys tell girls that they love them or do girls tell boys?

It can be either way, a girl can tell a boy that she loves him or a boy can tell a girl that he loves her.

How can you tell that a boy loves you?

ask him

Can a girl tell a boy that she loves him?

Sure, why not?

How do you tell if a guy loves you or not?

You can tell by how they act around you. If a boy calls you fit, ignore it, if they call you beautiful everyday, believe it! Only you know if a boy loves you.

How can you tell a boy loves you?

he will go all nervous

When can you tell when a boy loves you?

When he does everything he can to make you happy.

How can a girl can tell her family about a boy she loves?

Tell them like he is your bestfriend, they'll get the hit

How do you get a boy to tell you who he loves?

You have to pester him all girls knows how to get something out of a boy. Just annoy him and pretend to be upset if he doesn't tell you. He will give in and hopefully tell you.

How do you tell if a teenage boy loves his girlfriend?

well the way he is treating her

How do you know if a boy loves you?

if you think a boy loves or likes you he will always show respect to you and tell you funny things he will also sit next to you all the time.

If a boy loves a girl but he is shy to tell her that he loves her and he want to be her boyfriend what should you do?

Become her best friend, then ask her out.

How do you tell when a boy aged 13 loves you when he ignores you?

I don't really think he loves you at age of 13... and he ignores you

Can a 25 year old women love a 13 year old boy and how does he tell her that he loves her?

yes she can he tell her that she loves her by giving her flower or chocolate or both

Is it possible for a boy to be afraid to tell his girlfriend he loves her for the first time?

Ask him.

How does girl understand a boy loves her or not?

You have to tell her! Even if it makes you feel stupid

If a boy says that he loves you but also loves his ex what do you do?

Tell him to make up his mind! you can only have one true love!

How do you know if a boy really loves you?

there are a lot of ways to tell... when he looks at you and his eyes get soft and his face turns mellow... he loves you.

What does it mean when a boy rubs his leg on a girl's leg?

The boy likes or is trying to get your attention. Or he wants to kiss her or tell her he loves her,

How do you tell a boy that likes you that you love him?

Say it, gently and lightly. He doesn't have to say he loves you.

What do you do when a boy says he loves you?

Nothing just tell him ur taken and then he will try harder

How do you tell if a girl and a boy hermit crabs loves each other?

They SHELL OUT for a wedding?

What should a girl do if she loves a boy but he doesn't know about it?

The girl should tell the boy how she feels, to see if the boy feels the same way as well.

What do you say when a boy says he loves you?

Tell him how you feel about him. If you're rejecting him, make it as gentle as possible.

What is something a girl can do to show a boy she lovse him?

Tell that the person loves the other person. And mean it.

What to do if your boy friend loves you but doesnt want to marry you?

Tell them you are not ready for a relationship without commitment.