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If they flirt with you and want to spend time with you. I had this happen to me and one day we were alone and he confessed his interest in me.

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Q: How can you tell if a coworker is interested in you?
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What are signs that a coworker is interested in you?

A sign that a coworker is interested in you is that they always smile at you. If they make excuses to be near you, it can also mean they are interested.

How do you tell if your coworker is attracted to you?

You can tell if your coworker is attracted to you by watching their body motions and interactions. When someone is interested in another person, they will spend an excessive amount of time with them, talk to them frequently, and ask to see them outside of work.

How do you get out a relationship with a coworker who is married and even if you have tried to back off they still keep coming back?

Tell the coworker it is not working and if that does not work tell him or her that u will call there partner and tell them what they are doing !!!

How do you let a coworker know you like him?

just tell him

What to do if your in love with your coworker?

gee i dont kno...tell them!

How can you maintain a coworker that you like and went out with still be interested in you after having mixed emotions?

be honest.

How do you tell a coworker to shut up?

Try to change the subject.

What should you do if your coworker is harassing you?

Tell someone. Tell anyone that can help. dont let it happen.

Does a compliment from a coworker mean he's interested?

mostly yes since u r referring to males.

What to tell your coworker what a great person she is?

exactly that. "youre a great person"

Should you tell your friend and coworker that you love her?

if it doesnt affect you negatively

How do you tell an alcoholic you're not interested anymore?

Just tell him/her. I mean if your not interested your not interested. And thats, that

Can a coworker sue another coworker?

Hiring that coworker

What are some obvious signs that shows that a male coworker is interested in me?

He will always be watching up. He may also wink at you a lot.

Should your husband tell his coworker that their emotional affair is over?

If it is yes most definately.

How do you get a coworker fired anonymously if they are trying to get you fired?

Do something bad, blame it on them and tell your boss they did it!

How can you tell some gay guy that you not interested in him?

Just about like that. Just tell him you know he is interested in you, but you are not interested. Thanks, but no thanks.

How to handle a guy that you're not interested in?

tell them you are not interested. if you are friends with them, then tell them that you only see them as a friend.

What should yo do when a coworker complains of your choice of perfume?

You tell him or her to deal with it, cuz you ain't changin!

How can you tell if a coworker doesn't like you?

Don't worry. The coworker will make sure you know. If all else fails, your boss will start addressing concerns with you that will bear a suspicious resemblence to the coworker's pet peeves.

What is another name for ex coworker?


What is a sentence for coworker?

My coworker got promoted before I did.

How do you tell someone that you are not interested?

Just say, "thanks, but I'm not interested".

How do you tell your coworker that you don't want to date any more?

* Honesty is the best thing to do so as soon as possible and you should tell the coworker (away from the workplace) that you no longer want to see him. It is not a good idea to have a relationship with someone in the workplace so mark this down as a lesson well learned.

This guy like you what do you do?

Well if you don't like him tell him you're not interested in him, and if you are interested in him tell him you like him back, or you can just ignore him.