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there are several ways you can use meter to see if you get a reading from side to side or turn on the ignition switch to on motor not running take a test ligt and touch the top of the prongs if the light, lights up on both sides the fuse is good . if you pull the fuse out you can look throught it to see if the element is in tack if it looks broken it is bad.


i was replacing a fuse one day it looked good scratched my head and looked at it. turned out the inside fillament where it makes contact on the ends under the silver cap was broke i had it in my hand for 2 or 3 hours, never gave it a second thought, i was looking at it real close and hell just decided to twist it for some ironic reason ( it came apart) the fuse looked new felt new looked good. until it came apart. put a new one in problem solved. the ole saying is: ( nothing is ever what it seems).

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Q: How can you tell if a fuse is good or bad?
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How can you tell when you have a bad fuel pump on a Chevy silverado?

Fuel pressure test. Of course if it is not running, fuse and relay are good then it is bad.

How do you tell if fuses are blown?

Take a look at the fuse. When you hold it up you should see, on a good fuse, a small wire running from one side to the other. If you see the wire and it goes from one side to the other without a break then it is a good fuse. You can tell when they are bad because the wire will be broken and melted.

Break lights not working?

if the bulbs are not bad, it is the fuse, if the fuse is good, its the wiring.

All of your fuse are good but why does my horn not blow?

Bad horn? Bad relay? Bad horn switch?

How do you tell if the fuse is bad?

you check the middle of it and if it is black or the little wire is broken it is bad or just use a fuse checker and if the light doesn't turn on it is bad Call the parts guy at your nearest dealer

How does a transistor tester work?

very unreliably it can only tell if it is good but not how good and will tell you if bad but not how bad. it is only good for pass no pass testing.

How do you tell if fuel pump relay is out?

The fuel pump will not come on. Of course this could be a blown fuse or the pump itself has failed. Check the fuse and if it is good then install a new relay to see if that solves the problem. If not the pump is bad.

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How do you tell if a car fuse is bad?

Look at it closely to see if it is blown. If you cannot tell by looking then check it with an ohm meter.

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6-way power seat does not move how can you tell if it is a bad motor or a wiring problem?

prob a bad fuse or switch.

How do you tell if starter or fuse is bad?

Remove starter and bench test it for operation and current draw

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How do you know if your turn signal switch is bad?

If your turn signal lights come on but do not flash, then the flasher relay is defective. If they will not come on at all then the fuse may be blown. If the fuse is good, then you may have a wiring problem. Rarely does the switch itself go bad but it is possible. The feel of the switch will sometimes tell you it is bad. If you do not feel it click when pulled then it is probably bad. It is just a matter of troubleshooting the problem.

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How can you tell if a barrel fuse is bad?

Usually if you look between the two metal ends there is a glass tube, in the tube is a metal wire, it can be of various size, if this wire is broke, burned or not visable the fuse is blown or bad.

Why is power outlet not receiving power in my 2007 peterbilt 379. Fuse is good.?

Bad wiring or bad outlet.

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Why does your brake light not work when the headlights are on?

Shouldn't have anything to do with it. The brake lights are on a completely different circuit than the headlights. If your brake lights are not working check the switch on the brake pedal. Before you do that check the fuse first. If the fuse is all right it is probably the brake light switch which is bad. Check the bulbs to see if they are burned out. If you can't tell, replace them anyway. If the Brake switch is good and the fuse is good, you may have a loose wire, or a bad wire.

What is a ignition relay fuse and what are signs of a bad fuse?

it is a fuse that protects the ignition relay from too much current. a bad fuse would cause a no start, and if you pull the fuse, its center core will be burnt out if it is bad.

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How to repair 1999 mercury mystique cigarette lighter?

Can be just a blown fuse, so check the fuse. The lighter itself can be defective or the outlet can be bad. Try a known good lighter from another car and see if it works. If so, your lighter is bad. If not, then check the fuse. If the fuse is good you know you have a wiring problem or the outlet is defective and must be replaced.

Why does my 2000 hondas alarm go off when i do not tell it to .does it have something to do with the jumpstart?

maybe that or a bad alarm fuse

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