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You may feel like someone is staring at you and look up to find a cute girl with her eyes upon you. This may be a sign she likes you and wants to get to know you.

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How does a girl tell her crush that she likes him?

he keeps staring at you that's how you know:P

How can a girl tell if shes still in love?

by staring u right in the eye

What do guys think about when staring at the girl they like?

They are thinking about the girl they are staring at.

What do you look for to tell if a girl likes you?

If there Around you wen they can be, you notice them staring at you, and she smiles alOt when your near her

How does a girl figure out that you like her?

Ask her out or tell lots of ppl. Then they'll know. mostly by staring

How do you tell if a girl with a boyfriend likes you if you don't talk?

you could catch her staring at you or smile at you often

How can you tell if a boy like a girl?

they are always staring at you and telling there friend you are ugly but they know that the LOVE you

How do you tell what a girl is thinking if they are staring at you?

Decide if they look interested or repulsed, and drooling is a dead giveaway.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Staring Girl - 2006?

The cast of The Staring Girl - 2006 includes: Paul Hyland as Lemon man Indiana Kanat as The Staring Girl Kirsten Mitchell as Mother

How can you tell when you like a girl?

you can tell when you dont want to go near them, or always stare at them and when you want to get your eyes off them pretty soon ur staring again

What does it mean when you are a girl and another girl keeps on staring at you?

They are talking about you

How do you know a girl is looking at you and not at something else?

If she stares at you or you think she likes you then you can tell that she will be staring at you and not something else. Give it a try! :D

Why would a shy girl look down when a guy is staring at her?

The guy is probably making her uncomfortable, staring at her like that. Staring is rude.

What signs tell you a 5th grade girl likes you?

you can tell by that girl staring at you in class and also if your sneaky send one of your friends to spy on them or just come clean and tell them. YOU CHOSE!P.S how do you know if a boy likes youP.P.S. don't think im a boy because im a girl

What are the signs that will tell you if a girl likes you?

if you catch her staring at youu.if she asks your friends about you.if she tries to talk to you.andd a whole bunch of other stuff(: it depends on the girl of course!

How do you know when a girl is staring at you?

if shes looking at you!

How can you tell if a girl likes you if your sitting right next to her?

You can tell by if you look in the corner of your eye and you can see her staring or looking at you often and if she looks at you but youre not looking back, you see a quick smile.

If a girl looks away after staring at you when you look at her what does that mean?

It means because A. She like you B. she is staring in discuse

What does it mean when your friends tell you your crush is always staring at you?

It means your friends have noticed your crush is always staring at you.

What can you do if you are stood at a bus stop and somebody accuses you of staring at them?

Tell them to chill, even if you are staring there's not much they can do about it.

This girl suddenly looks down after having eye contact with me why?

usually if a girl suddenly breaks eye contact after staring at you it means she is embarrassed that she was caught staring at you.

What does it mean when you look at a guy and his friends nudge him?

It may mean that his friend is trying to tell him that you're staring. Or that the girl he likes/talks about is looking his way.

How can you tell if a nine year old boy likes a twelve year old girl?

all the usual signs:StaringtalkingcomplementsEct.

How can you tell a guy is into you?

well you could tell if a guy is into you by noticing if hez alwayz staring at you wantz 2 be around you 24/7 doesn't want to be with any other girl that is not you and finally if he flirts with you

Who is the girl staring in the mcdonalds commercial?

Reese Witherspoon