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well if he smiles at you when he bumps into you, and talks to you alot, then that means somethings going on between you two ... but try asking one of your friends to ask his friends who he likes , so no one gets suspicious,

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a guy always looks at you because he likes you

It can. It can also mean he likes looking at you because he likes the way you look.

some signs are:he always hangs out with youhe always looks at you and blusheshe asks you if you have a bf (boy friend)he sometimes bumps into youYou seem his stare at youhe begins to open himself more to youcompliments you

If he constantly looks at you or is always near to you then that's when you know he likes you.

He likes you or your very attractive in which case he probably likes you.

If She Always looks at you then looks straight at her friends.

He looks because he wants to know if you were looking at him because he likes you!

If she likes you she would always spends time with you and doesn't have a boyfriend and when she looks at you she smiles in her eyes or when you walk past her in the corridor she looks at you.

If a guy is always looks at you but then looks away when you look at him, he probably likes you. That is usually the case ;)

What he says and how he looks at you. If he always pays attention to you and smiles a lot, then he likes you.

I know for sure that she likes you because when i see my crush im always startled and look away as quick as i can. Thanks for asking cool questions!

Maybe he likes you or wants to kiss you alot

Winking is usually a sign that someone likes you. Another sign someone likes you is if they always want to be around you.

It doesn't always mean that he likes you, but it's a way of showing interest. If he always looks at you, he might be interested in you. On the other hand, it can also mean that you look ridiculous.

As a guy I'd have to say that if you're boyfriend asks lots of questions about you and always wants to learn more about you, then he likes you. If he just sort of makes out with you a bunch and stares at you, he probably just likes you because you for your looks.

If he talks to you a ton if he looks at you a ton he is always really close to you

If at it you mean your manhood sword, then ya she likes you.

i have red bumps on my neck and when i press down it itches. The bumps are hard and looks like mosquito bumps is this scapies?

She always looks at you and if she really likes you she might get her friend to see if you like her, or she will ask you out or get her friend to ask you out for her

Because of guys. There is no better feeling for a girl than when she walks by that one guy she likes and his head turns to stare in awe

jakeria because everyone likes her

Because he likes it, and he looks cute in it.

No, I suppose it sort of depends on HOW he looks at you, if he simply just looks at you because you looked at him, I doubt it, however, if he looks at you because he is starting at you probably "checking you out" then I suppose see what happens from there.