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Okay its me again I just wanted to throw in some details so you all could answer the question more clearly. Well me and steven grew up together and last summer we spent time together some and he would flirt with me a little and talk to me a lot and his sister would tease me and him and be like yall stop flirting, okay well i started liking him and eventually i told his brother on the internet and he said that he would tell him, well ever since Steven hasn't really told me whether he likes me or not, all he ever does is stare at me or look down or away when we pass each other in the halls.... I have a class with his brother and he talks to me very little and I have been hearing rumors that steven don't like me from maybe 2 different people but I don't think its true bc if he didnt like me he would tell me to my face bc there was this girl last year that liked him and he didnt like her and he told her to her face and told her to leave him alone! Then last week I heard his brother Allen talking to his friend Matt, and Matt was listening to my CD player in class and he told Matt that he, his brother and dad went fishin and saw 50 topless girls, and he said you could see everything, that he and his brother was gonna go over there and be like whats up, then all Matt did was just nod amd Allen was liek it was awesome that they were gonna go back next weekend! What the heck? And Allen KNOWS I like Steven!!! So whats up with that? Do you think he made it up or what? Im sooo confused!!!

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Q: How can you tell if a guy who is your best friend likes you if he won't answer in a clear way and is shy and you keep hearing different things about him that you don't think are true?
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