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How can you tell if a horse is a stallion or gelding?

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December 22, 2008 2:24AM

== == A gelding is a male horse that has been castrated. Sometimes this is done by removing the testicles, and sometimes by crushing the spermatic cord which leaves the testicles present but causes them to shrivel up and shrink. To check to see if a horse is a stallion or gelding you have to look at the horse's genital area. If you see proper testicles it is a stallion. Many stallions can be aggressive, so if you don't know if he has been gelded, do not approach the horse. It's often easier to see if you are standing behind the horse as he swishes his tail, but standing behind any horse, especially a stallion, is not a good idea. It's probably best to observe from the side, it's pretty obvious. If the testicles are absent or very small, he is a gelding. also stallions are usally more "built" or have more or better muscle tone than most geldings.Stallions also prance around with their necks arched like natural dressage movement when they see another horse and sqeal really loudly when they come in contact with another horse eg sniffing each other ect.. and strike out with one or both front legs but unlike a mare they usually have a lower toned sqeal almost like a strange groan. Geldings are much more calmer than stallions, and don't hang around mares so much. But stallions,oh they chase mares everywhere they go. They are wild and free. And their eyes are NOT ever drowsy, a gelding has very narrow, calm eyes. Well, a stallion has balls and a gelding doesn't. Stallions are not always wild and free. It depends on how the horse was raised. A stallion can sometimes be calmer than a mare or gelding. The only sure way to tell is the obvious way:)