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You can tell when she shows her boyfriend the divorce papers. Husband and wife; that's a strong bond, chances are slim she will leave her husband. You can't tell short of asking her.

2006-07-18 20:48:27
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When a married woman has an affair and has a child what rights does the husband have?

to beat her and leave her

What is the boyfriend of a married woman called?

A married woman can't have a boyfriend - it is their husband. However if they are having a secret relationship with another man then I don't think there's a word for it, but she would be having an affair.

Your girlfriend loves you but wont leave her husband why?

Because you shouldn't be dating a married woman.

How can you tell if a married woman is going to leave her husband for you?

Unless the married woman is being abused, and if she is happy in the relationship, don't break them up! she is not going to thAT is how

What happens to a married woman who gets pregnant with another man?

It depends on how her husband reacts, what the woman wants to do, and other factors. Each sitution is unique, but she could stay with her husband, leave her husband for the other man, or something else.

A South Carolina married woman has left her husband and moved in with a single man in New York what kind of legal action can husband do to the wife and her new boyfriend?

File for divorce.

How do you get out of a marriage to a woman who is stil married to their first husband?

If she is still married to her 1st husband then her second marriage to you is illegal and you are NOT married.

Can a woman get insurance on a man if he is married?

If the woman and man are married yes, she can get insurance on her husband. If the woman is single and the man married then no, she can't get insurance on him.

What happen if a woman get caught cheating?

ANSWER:.. If this woman is married, she will have lots of explanation to tell to her husband and family. If she's single but in a relationship, her boyfriend might end the relationship, after all he will not trust her anymore..

Will a married woman ever leave her husband for another man?

it all depends on the situation and the woman. some stay with the husband even though they love the other man, either because the other man is not serious about them or he is married and will not leave his wife. others will leave and prefer to get a job and be single rather than live a lie. i have been a relationship expert and life coach for many years

Should a married woman join the church of her husband?


How do you know when a married woman is in love with you?

When she divorces her husband!

How do you know when a married woman want you?

#1 You are her husband.

If my husband married another woman is their marriage legit?

Not if he is still legally married to you.

Should a wife being cheated on by her husband with a married woman tell the married woman's husband?

No. Snitches lie in ditches.

How many woman leave husband after cheating?

5 out of 10

You were married 29 years and your husband left us for a married woman they married 1 year later?

== ==

How do a man and woman become husband and wife?

By getting married.

How can a woman tell if her husband or Boyfriend is Gay?

If he prefers to date other guys.

Will your husband leave for the other woman?

Is their as reason why he would leave you? Or, is their a reason why he would stay? ANSWER: It all depends on the consequences of their marriage. Some married men who cheat never really leave their wife for their own reason. And some do because the other woman has all the time in the world for him. Second reason if the married man do leave his wife, it's because he fell in love with his mistress. And if this married man don't have any kid, it will be easy for him to leave his wife for another woman. But don't get me wrong, even if this married man have children, he will also leave his family for the other woman, because he thinks the grass is more greener on the other side. The man I married was also planning to leave me, so I guess it's only natural for some married men to leave his old life, so he can have more exciting, fun, without responsibilities.

I got involved with a married woman and I love her but she never spent time with me. It was 2 years ago. Was I wrong to leave her and get back with my ex even though it was only for a little while?

You should not be involved with a woman married to someone other then you unless the husband consents. Leaving the married woman was a good move on your part.

If a woman is called a widow when she doesn't have a husband then what is a man called when he doesn't have a wife?

If the couple were married and the husband dies the woman is a 'widow.' If the wife dies then her husband is called a 'widower.'

How do you leave a married man?

Just tell him your conscience is bothering you about being an adulteress, and deceiving another woman , and short-changing yourself out of your own happiness with a husband of your own.

Should a married woman accept a gift from her ex boyfriend?


What do you do if your husband leaves you for another married woman?

you move on and get a better life