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it wont have valves in the head. If you remove the exhaust pipe from the head and turn over the engine by hand, there will only be a piston and no valves moving.

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How can you tell the difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke motorcycle engine by looking at it?

a four stroke has a timing chain and a cam and a two stroke doesnt a two stroke has reed valves

What oil to use in dirt bikes?

go to a motorcycle store and ask what kind for your bike, give them size year and if its a two or four stroke, and if its a two tell them if its for the engine of gas mix

Yamaha 250 it 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

If you look at the side of the bike there is a pipe that leads to the exaust pipe. If it is big and bulges out then its a two stroke. if its small and skinny its a four stroke. you can tell by the name to. if its a YZ250 its a two stroke. If its a YZ250F then its a four stroke.

Are kawasaki motorcyles two stroke or four stroke?

Assuming you are referring to a street legal motorcycle (IE: Kawaski Vulcan, Ninja, etc.) these machines have four stroke engines. Dirt Bikes and such sometimes do not. Two-stroke engines generally use a fuel+oil mixture. (Such as a weed whacker) Four stroke engines generally have an oil sump. (Like a car)

How much oil do you put in a 49cc mini motorcycle?

Well the first necessary piece of information I would need to know is: Is it a two stroke or four stroke engine? I assume its four stroke as I'm sure you know that you need to mix two stroke oil with petrol and then put it in the tank if it's a two stroke. In that case, 25 to 30ml of two stroke oil to a litre of petrol is perfect. On the otherhand, if it is a four stroke, 300-400 ml of oil should be about right.

How do you tell if your kfx 400 is a 2 stroke or 4 storke?

first of all learn how to spell. Anyone with half a brain could tell it is a four stroke. A two stroke mixes the oil and the gas and a 4 stroke keeps them separate. A four stroke sounds much deeper than a two stroke. you should know this. Ever heard a banshee? that's what a two stroke sounds like.

Is a crf 150 a two stroke or a four stroke?


Does a kx125 have an oil filter?

depends if it is a two stroke or four. a two stroke will not be a four stroke may i am not sure

Advantages of two stroke engine over a four stroke engine?

Explain the advantages of four-stroke engine over two-stroke engine

Is a yz 80 a two stroke or four stroke?

2 stroke

Will four stroke oil damage two stroke engine?

You can use four stroke oil for a (very) limited period in a two stroke engine in an emergency. However it is not formulated for two stroke engines and is not recommended.

What is better a four or two stroke engine?

in my opinion a two stroke engine is a better quality engine as compared to a four stroke engine!

Distinguish 2 stroke from 4 stroke lawn mowers?

Four-stroke lawn mowers have a tube where you add oil to the engine. On two-stroke engines, oil has to be added to the fuel. (Four-stroke and two-stroke are also called four-cycle and two-cycle, respectively).

What is an obsolete technology for a motorcycle?

Two Stroke Combustion Engines are now obsolete.But two stroke might come back with modifications.

Is the 450r two or four stroke?


What is the difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke lawn mower engine?

Four-stroke engines have a spout where you add oil to the engine. On two-stroke engines, oil has to be added to the fuel. (Four-stroke and two-stroke are also called four-cycle and two-cycle, respectively).

Why oil is used in two stroke petrol engine instead of four stroke petrol engine?

there is no oil in the two stroke .....where as four stroke has oil sump which carries oil.........

Why you prefer four stroke engine over two stroke engine?

Four stroke engines are quieter than two strokes, but have less power.

Is a Yamaha ag 175 two stoke or four stroke?

Two Stroke.

Which engine was invented first.Two stroke engine or four stroke?

two stroke

What is a B8 125cc two stroke?

kawasaki's first ever completed motorcycle

How often should the oil be changed in a Honda CR 125 R two stroke motorcycle?

There is no such thing as engine oil changes in two stroke motorcycle engines. The two stroke oil serves to lubricate the engine as it is mixed with gasoline. For the gearbox, on the average a yearly change of gear oil is sufficient.

Is fuel for a two stroke engine fatal to a four stroke engine?

No it isn't fatal, but it would smoke quite a bit, because a two stroke engine needs two stroke oil mixed in the petrol, and a four stroke just needs petrol.

Does the dodge stratus 1998 have a two stroke motor?

No it is a four stroke.

Is a two stroke better than a four stroke?

I like The four stroke because of the torque. but the two stroke is a bit quicker on the jump, the both fast but the four strokes and take you more place's. The two strokes are very jumpy so they like two slide out goin up hills