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Pomegranate color ripens to a bright red/deep red shade on the outside. The color depends on the potash availability in the soil. Usually before ripening, the skin is hard, tight and cannot be easily scratched. When ripe, the outer skin becomes bit soft. If you are able to scratch the skin using your fingernail and gentle pressure, then it is ripe.

Another sign is when the patals of the crown turn inside, it is a stage of maturity and the fruit is ready to eat.

The unripe fruit is exactly round in shape like apple. When ripe, the round shape is changed with the sides slightly become square. This happens due to the arils pressing against the outer wall as they reach maximum juice content. A pomegranate has slots inside the fruit, the round shape is stressed and the fruit looks flattened on the sides.

An easy way to remove the seeds is to cut the pomegranate in half then hold one half in your hand seed side down over a large bowl. Wallop the half with a wooden spoon. The seeds come out quite easily saving time over the old fashioned method of using a pin to remove each individual seed.

The best way to get to the seeds is to slice the pomegranate almost in half, from crown to halfway to the bottom. Use your fingers to break the two halves apart, and then tear away the connecting membranes and remove the seeds over a large bowl, half filled with water. The seeds will sink to the bottom and the membrane will float on the top. Skim off the membrane and strain the seeds of water. To juice them, put the seeds in a blender and pulse a few times, just enough to break up all the seeds. Let the mixture sit for a minute for the hard seed bits to settle and pour through a strainer. Add sugar to taste.

One of my earliest memories is that of using money my grandmother had given me to buy candy to buy a pomegranate instead. Oh, I loved them. I loved the fact that we kids had to dress up special in our worst clothes in order to eat them. We had to eat them outside, too (it's still pretty warm in November in Los Angeles where we lived when I was a kid), and spit the seeds out into the shrubbery. Messy, juicy, sweet food that involves sanctioned spitting? We were in heaven.

Now we have our own pomegranate tree and we get to hang out in pom heaven come every November. (No more seed spitting, we grownups eat them whole.) Here's the thing to know about pomegranates (other than the juice stains) - just because the fruit is red doesn't mean that the seeds inside are ripe. We don't pick our pomegranates until they begin to burst at the seams. This usually happens a few days after a rain. The seeds absorb the moisture and the skin cannot contain them anymore. Once the skin has cracked to reveal the seeds the pomegranates must be picked immediately, and used up quickly, or they will get moldy.

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What color are the seeds of a pomegranate when it is ripe?

a deep ruby red

How is the pomegranate tree harvested on Farmville?

by picking the fruit from the tree when ripe

How do you know when a pomegranate is ripe?

== == Pomegranates are ripe when the skin is a crimson color, and the fruit should feel heavy and the skin should be shiny. You should avoid fruit with cracks and splits in the skin.A pomegranate is ripe when the skin is bright red, and you are able to scratch it with your fingernail. not applying too much pressure!

When can you tell that passion fruit is ripe?

You can tell that passion fruit is ripe by looking at it =)

What if your pomegranate seeds are clear are they safe to eat?

Yes. Their just not fully ripe yet but their edible

How can you tell if a pomegranate is rip?

you can eat a pomegranate when its all a bright red or if it has a little green on it

How do you tell if orange is ripe while still on the tree?

it is ripe if it is dark orange it is not ripe if it is light orange

How can you tell if melons are ripe?

Generally, you can tell if a melon (growing from the garden) is ripe when the stem turns brownish in color.

How do you tell if a watermelon is ripe?

knock on the melon.How ripe it is depends on how high or low the pitch is.

How can you tell when a canteloupe is ripe?

Feel it at the point where stem was, if ripe it's starting to get soft.

How can you tell if a raspberry is ripe?

The smell and the color.

How can you tell a ripe water melons?


Why do the fruit and blossoms fall off your pomegranate tree?

One reason that fruit and blossoms fall off a pomegranate tree could be lack of water. Another reason might be that the fruit is overly ripe and should have been picked already.

What is the color of a ripe cantaloupe?

One can tell that a cantaloupe is ripe by looking at the outer rind of the fruit. If the cantaloupe is ripe, this will be orange in color. If it is not, this rind will be more green.

How can you tell if I have a avocado is right?

An easy way to tell if your avocado is ripe is by flicking the small brown stem off the top. If it comes off easily and the bit underneath is green, it's ripe. If it doesn't or is brown, it's not ripe.

How do you know when an ataulfo mango is ripe?

When it's ripe it will smell really nice. That's the best way to tell.

How can you tell when a pear is ripe?

Check the neck, to tell if a pear is ripe press gently around the stem of the pear and, if it is ripe, it will give a little. Information regarding this and numerous other pear related facts, including what time of the year most pears are ripe and what ripe pears of different types look like, check out the related link attached to this question.

How can you tell when a kumquat is ripe?

when it turns a brown and yellow.

How do you tell a necterine is ripe?

it must be quite soft

How do you tell that a lemon from a tree is ripe?

A lemon can be used before it is ripe, but it will not have as much juice and be harder to squeeze. The ripeness of a lemon can be judged by its color, and it is ripe when no green tinge remains.

How to tell if watermelon is ripe?

It is ripe if you slap it with the palm of your hand and it vibrates as if it is hollow. You can also pluck it and get the same responce from the melon.

How can you tell when oranges are ripe?

the colour breaks from green to orange

How do you tell if a papaya is ripe?

By seeing its colour and by gently pushing your thumb at different locations of papaya without spoiling it . If the fruit 'gives' it is ripe.

When is a pomegranate ready to be eaten?

Pomegranates are ripe when the skin is a crimson color, the fruit should feel heavy, and the skin should be shiny - avoid fruit with cracks and splits in the skin.

How do you tell if a granny smith apple is fully ripe?

bite into it, then you will find out :)