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you know when a woman likes a man when the girl tries to make u jealous by talking to your guy friends and having a friendly flirtatious conversation, its their way of catching your eye

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Q: How can you tell if a woman likes a man?
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Related questions

How can you tell if a man likes a woman?

he gets a boner

How u really no if a Africa guy love u and you are America woman?

You can tell if an African guy likes you when you are an American woman if the man is ready to have children with you.

How can you tell that a married woman likes you?

There are various signs a man shows you. He might be checking on you, asking for your mobile number etc.

How can a woman tell if a man she is dating is bisexual?

ask him How can a woman tell if a man she is dating is bisexual?

How should a woman prove her love to a man?

just tell him that you like him or something like that... and if he likes you he will.. like start to talk to you and then start a relationship

Is my man gay or bisexual?

If he likes men, he is homosexual. If he likes woman, he is heterosexual, if he likes both, he is bisexual.

What does it mean when a man tells a woman she is a distraction?

Answer He either really likes her or he finds her to be annoying. It's probably that he really likes her. You could tell him it is not your intention to be a distraction but an inspiration (you can be a distraction later ;-) )

What happens when a women sees someone she likes?

When a woman sees a man she likes, she smiles.

What do you call a man that likes older women?

In South Jersey slang, a man who likes an older woman is called a "James Harrington".

How can you tell if a man likes you?

you can tell if his penis moves when hes around you

How do you tell when a girl likes a man?

Well,it's abit more dificult then telling if a man like's a woman...but it's possible......just observe .... when you talk to her,does she look right in to your eyes? if she does,she is fascinated by you,and yup,she like's you......if she laughs to your jokes alot,she like's you......if she twidles her hair in your presence,it means she is comfortable arund you,and she likes's up to you gotta tell her you like her....and in most cases, the woman that shoes these sighns will say she likes you to...but you never know,it depends on how well you see the signals...the way a woman behaves with her man best friend is VERY VERY similiar to how they behaive to a guy they just got to tell her...there's nothing to lose...the worst thing she can do is say no...just go for it!

How can you a married man tell if a woman is interested in you?

ANSWER:I'm not a man but I can tell you some point or sign if a woman likes a married man. But this is not coming from a woman who just want to be notice by a married man. It will be a married man who do all the action, especially if his having a problem with his marriage. Married man will be easy to find a woman who can be their friend and tell a sad story (lies) about his married life.Now for a married man to know if he is being like by a woman, it will be the way she smile, body language, flirting through words, and much more. But once in a while when a woman do talk or even the way she act will be taken wrong by married man, and that is the one they need to watch out for..

Where is a gay man who is secretly in love with straight woman?

There is probably no such thing a gay man who is secretly in love with a straight woman, except as the equivalent of a straight man's "man crush" where he really likes the woman as a friend.

What makes a woman special to a man?

A woman may be special to a man if she is very sweet and kind. A man likes attention and affection and that would make her special to him.

How can you tell if a girl likes you or how can you tell if she wants you to ask her out?

u can tell by asking her like a man

What if a man tell me his problems to a woman to use her?

Tell that woman who he is using, and then...BOOM. it's over.

How do you tell if a Christian married woman like you?

Ask. But whether or not she likes you a Christian woman would not act on it.

How can you tell if a married man likes you?

ask him for money

How can you tell if a woman likes you and she is your employee?

She plays with herself while talking to you

How can you tell if a woman likes you as a friend or has feelings for you?

if she is very nice to you or kissed you

Another name for a man that likes women?

A heterosexual is a man who is attracted to a woman. A heterosexual. Or straight.

How can you tell a man likes you?

if you look at him and hes looking at you and quickly looksaway ,he probably likes you .or he tries to be around you alot then he likes you.

What does it means when a man and woman are kissing and the woman has her leg up in the back of her?

It means she likes the kiss!

Who named the storms with a woman names?

someone that likes woman names better than man names

What does it mean when a woman makes direct eye contact with a man?

since i am a woman it means she likes you... sometimes