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How can you tell if a woman with a boyfriend likes you?


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You can tell if a women with a another boyfriend likes you by if she talks to you a lot on the phone, Talks bad about him, Spends more Time with you more then she does her boyfriend, Sometimes They will Even Tell their boyfriend that she likes someone else and wants To see how he Reacts because She don't Like how Their relashionship might not be working out Like she seemed.


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tell him, What are you doing with her! I thought you were my boyfriend!

just tell him that you have a boyfriend or you could discuss it with your boyfriend and tell him to tell his friend...

Well i tell you one thing she likes Chris brown and they are boyfriend and girlfriend she probably likes that!Well i tell you one thing she likes Chris brown and they are boyfriend and girlfriend she probably likes that!

If he's your boyfriend then he likes you no doubt there.

if i where you i would tell the girl that likes that boy that he has a girlfriend.that is what i would do.

You tell her how you feel then maybe she feels the same and no longer likes her boyfriend

ask him straight up if he likes you

Tell your firend about him. Then move on with your life.

You can tell your boyfriend likes your kids by he saying nice things or giving them gifts

tell him that you have a boyfriend and stay away from him or be mean to him or don't talk t him he comes around and don't talk to him when he is round or don't talk to him when he calls you ...................................and tell your boyfriend that he likes you he might can keep him away from you

Tell her how you feel about that. If she really likes, ask her why she doesn't want a boyfriend but don't be to pushy as it could be a personal matter. Tell her when she's ready you'll be there waiting for her. Good luck!

well tell you're best friend! and break up with your boyfriend...

he does not really like you until he says i love you

If he tells you he loves you or by the way he acts

Discuss your common likes and dislikes. Tell him your honest feelings.

If your boyfriend likes your best friend he is always around her, and only is around you when your with her/him. If he asks "Is Alice there?" And you say no and he doesn't come.. Or if you say yes and he does.. Then, you know he likes her.

If she really likes you, she'll break up with her boyfriend if you tell her to because your sure she likes you. if she refuses to break up with him, then she likes you both. Give her some time. See how you both feel in a week.

well just sit him down and tell him you are not in to him any more

Tell her how you feel and ask who she likes. Or ask if she still likes you in her heart.

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