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You can tell if any hamster is pregnant 2 ways. If she has put on weight around the middle and is constantly building a nest or her teats are visible/swollen. The latter is the easiest way to tell.

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Can you get your hamster get pregnant whithout a dad?

You dont nessacary need a Father Hamster. You might get a Very little Pregnant Hamster From the Pet Shop and be surprised to have a small liter come in eventoualy. Having a Father Hamster is the Best Choice not except if the Hamster that is pregnant is active with a Father Dwarf Hamster. For more Information, visit:

Is Shawn killinger of QVC pregnant?

No. She gained a little after her engagement ended.

How long does it take a hamster to die when they are not eating and drinking very little?

5 years

How long do you know your hamster is pregnant after mating?

A pregnant hamster will start hoarding lots of food and will get a little bit aggressive. They start showing the baby bump about a week before giving birth.

How do you know if a hamster is pregant?

when the hamster is a little fat than you will know when it is pregnant.hoped i helped youSort of but you can tell when its moving around alot slower.

Is your hamster eating to much?

my hamster eats a lot! but it also runs a lot so it is okay. Hamsters are rather round little hamsters but it doesn't mean it is fat.if you think your hamster is eating to much,then you could slowly give it less but do not give it too little,hamsters also store their food in there cheeks or bring their food to a place and eat it there.It should not matter if your hamster is a little bit fat it still is sweet.

If you let your male hamster mate with a female hamster on average how many pups will she have?

Well, they could have up to 3 to 16 pups. I had my hamster for a week and it had 16 babies, so if you know your hamster is pregnant be prepared for a little babies and a lot of babies. If you don't know how to tell if she is pregnant look for nipples on her stomach.

How do you know when a female dwarf hamster is pregnant?

She will get a little fat and she will eat more and drink alot of water

How do you tell if your teddybear hamster is pregnant?

Well, there is an easy way to tell if your hamster is pregnant. Measure the belly of the little fellow using a thin string rounding it. Then stretch the string over a ruler, take note of the result, and repeat the operation ten days afterwards, always before feeding the little fellow. If the result increases 10% is a secure sign that the little fellow is pregnant.

How long is a fancy hamster pregnant?

Fancy Hamsters are usually pregnant for about 2 or 3 weeks (about 14-21 days) Though you will probably not be able to tell if the hamster is pregnant until about the last 4 days of its pregnancy. I hope that this helps and good luck with your little one! :)

How long does it take for your hamster to reach the age of 21 in the Nintendo game hamsterz 2?

When you go to the Pet Store after your female and male hamster are partners and have played for a little bit a Bell, the shop owner, will tell you that your hamster is pregnant an in a week or 10 days your hamster will have a bab y and it WILL tell you. that and your hamsterz will get along perfectly when you hamster 9is pregnant or at least that is what the game and the manual say.

When a hamster is pregnant should you separate the male from the female?

Yes. When my hamster was pregnant, we put the male in another cage. We didn't want him eating any. (they do that when something is wrong with them) And let them grow up with the mother until they are able to handle themselves. I kept the little ones with the mother. Do not be surprised if one is eaten though, it is likely to happen. One of mine was eaten because she was too small and was not growing.

You just mated your hamster she made a nest you heard it takes a little for it to get fat is she pregnant how long does it take for a tortise shell hamster to give birth?

Most hamsters are only pregnant for around 16 days, so if you don't have and babies for over 20 days, she is probably not pregnant.

What is the name of a baby hamster?

little hamster

Why does my hamster sqeak at night and there is no other hamsters in there does that mean she's pregnant?

No, maybe it is in a little pain or is cyring for help or attention.

What to eat if you want to get pregnant?

Eating has little or nothing to do with getting pregnant. It may be an idea if you spoke to your parents or a responsible adult about this matter.

Your hamster is building a nest inside her toy house is she pregnant?

Almost all hamsters build nests. If this is where your hamster is sleeping and bringing spare food, it is just a little nest she made to be her home.

How do you know if your hamster is depressed?

It may eat only a little of its food or may stop eating completely. And wont be very active.

When does the mother hamster stop caring for her baby hamster?

When they are at weaning age (eating solid food and fresh fruit and veg) which is roughly about 21 to 25 days old depending on the breed of hamster. Larger hamsters take a little bit longer.

Is hamster wheels good for your hamster?

it helps the hamster to lose a little weight

What age should hamsters be given vegetables?

Once they start eating seeds and hamster food mix they are ready for a little bit of fruit and veggies.

How do you know if your teddy bear hamster is pregnant?

eats more that before sleeps a little longer than before when you try to touch her will try to bite you and will make a little nest in the corner of her cage

How do you know is the female hamster pregnant?

You'll notice that she'll be eating and storing more food than the usual. She also might get a little bit aggressive. You won't notice the baby bump until the very end, like 4-6 days before giving birth.

Can a hamster go on a plane?

yes if you have a little cage with a handle to put the hamster in.

What can you give a hamster to eat?

a little portion of hamster food you get at pet stores