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In the United States, anything that is not at least 10 karats (42 percent gold) cannot be legally sold as gold. Anything that you purchase that is real gold should have the karat amount stamped into the jewelry. On rings, the stamp will be on the inside; and on necklaces and bracelets, the stamp will usually be somewhere on the clasp.

If the jewelry you are purchasing doesn't have a stamp stating that it's 10k, 14k, 18k, or 22k, chances are that it isn't real gold.

If the jewelry is stamped and you still question whether or not it is real gold, you can take it to certain jewelers to find out whether or not it is real gold. A jeweler will be able to perform a chemical test or look at the piece under a jeweler's loop to determine the quality of the piece.

If you're thinking of purchasing a piece of gold jewelry and something is making you question whether or not it's real, it's probably best to pass and find another piece that you can feel confident about.

The best way to tell the purity of gold is by purchasing a Nitric acid test kit; such a kit can be found on sites like E-bay for under $30. It will cover karats ranging from 10 karat to 22k karat, as well as silver & platinum! Markings on a piece are usually completely useless -- the amount of jewelry that's improperly marked is absurd. If you're not buying from a reputable jeweler, I strongly suggest using the Nitric acid test kit.

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Q: How can you tell if gold jewelry is real?
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How can you tell if Mexican gold jewelry is real?

You can tell if Mexican gold jewelry is real by looking for a stamp on the metal. Real gold will have 10 kt, 14kt, 18kt, 24kt stamped into it.

Can you tell if gold jewelry is real with a magnet?


How do you tell real gold jewelry?

You can tell by looking at the claps . It should have it engraved.

Can you tell by a patent number if jewelry is real gold?


How can you tell if gold jewelry is real from over seas?

Bring it to a jewelry store or bite it see if it bends.

What does FAS on gold jewelry mean?

I was wondering the same thing. I can tell real gold from fake just by looking and the 'gold' that i saw that had FAS on it was surely not real gold.

How can you tell if silver or gold jewelry is real?

It should have a hallmark somewhere on the jewellery.

Is jewelry stamped Korea real gold?

If a piece of gold jewelry is marked Korea does that mean it is not real gold?

Is monet jewelry real gold?

fake gold, nope it's custom jewelry

How do you tell if your gold jewelry is fake?

If it bends, it's real. If it doesn't, it's fake.

How do you tell if its real gold and what karot?

Genuine gold bars, bullion, and jewelry will be marked with a karat number to indicate its purity.

How do you tell if vintage jewelry is authentic?

Real jewels and gold has to breathe. There will be holes to allow this. Real metal is also marked as such.

Why does some jewelry have real gold?

A LOT of jewelry is made from real gold, and other REAL metals. It's made from real gold to be worth something, something spacial, something that you are proud to wear.

How do you tell real gold?

We tell real gold by its weight.

Is Victoria wieck jewelry real?

is it real gold or not

What websites offer information on how to tell if gold jewelry is real?

In order to tell if gold jewellery is real, one would have to look from any characteristic traits that would distinguish it from fake gold (such as "Fool's Gold"). Websites that offer information about this feature include: "usellgold" and "cashgoldexchange".

How do I tell my chain that's marked with CW is silver or gold looks gold but don't see 925 or 14k only CW?

One way to make sure your gold or silver jewelry is real is to place it in a bowl of water. If the jewelry sinks, it is real. If it floats, it is most likely fake. Real silver and gold will not react when placed near a magnet.

How can you be sure the gold bracelets are authentic?

To be sure gold bracelets are authentic, take your jewelry to a jeweler or gold-purchasing service. Either place should be willing to tell you if your gold is real or not.

If the gold jewelry is stamped on the jewelry how do you know if the rest of the jewelry is real?

There is Assay offices who can check gold or silver purity and give report.

How can you tell if your pearl jewelry is real?

The best way to tell if your pearl jewelry is real is to take the pearls to a jewelry appraiser. The appraiser will look for qualities such as luster and shine.

How do you tell how much jewelry is worth?

Well, you can tell how much jewelry worth, well when it is a real " PURE SOLID WHITE GOLD FORMULA " from 1920's it's stable in price on the world market today!

Do jewelry stores sale fake jewelry?

They sell jewelry that have created stones and have gold plate. They are required to tell you what is artificial and fine jewelry.

How do you tell gold filled from regular gold jewelry?

bite it and you will find out

How can I tell if a ring is real gold?

You can tell if a ring is real gold or not by putting it near a magnet. If the ring is attracted to the magnet it is not real gold, real gold is not magnetic at all.

Why is Real gold jewelry making my neck go green?

your 'real' gold will not be real, it will be gold plated. the other metals in your jewellery will be marking your neck.