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if you really want to know if he truly loves you put him up to some kind of test. I know it is hard to just come out and say i love you and wait for his response and wonder if he will even say it back. i am going through the same thing wit ha girl that i love but for the past year have only been friends with. so i cant really give u a definitive answer cause i am going through the same thing but the only thing i can think of is to test him some how.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:25:41
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Q: How can you tell if he is in love?
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How do you tell its true love?

true love we can not tell it is only express if you tell it is not true love

How can tell a girl you love her?

how can i tell her that am in love with her

How can you tell do he really love you?

How i can i tell my really in love with me

How do you tell a girl who has a boyfriend that you love her?

Don't tell her you love her, tell her you like her.

HOW TO TELL your love to your girl friend?

Tell her you love her. Tell her you admire her. Tell her the truth. Sincerity works.

How do you tell your boyfriend how asked you to marry him that you love him but not in love with him?

Tell him your ideal type of husband or you prefer to be in love than to be love...๐Ÿค”

How do you tell if a girl love you or not?

tell her you love her and see what she says

Can you tell him you love him?

I would tell him that you love him... unless you are in an relationship with him. If not then do not.

What is the easiest way to tell your boyfriend you love him?

you tell him you love him

How do you tell a girl you like that you love her?

you just have to tell her that you love her

When was When You Tell Me That You Love Me created?

When You Tell Me That You Love Me was created in 1995.

What do you do if your mom says you don't love your grandma but you really do?

Tell them what you think and tell them not to ever say you don't love your granny again!!!Tell them you probably LOVE her more then they love her!!! Tell them off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you tell your man you love him?

if u want to tell your man u love him you tell him in private and before you tell him you love him you ask him does he love you so you don't embarrass yourself

What is this song called.. tell me you need me tell me you care tell me you love me and i will be there?

This song is "Tell Me That You Love Me" by Adriano Celantano

How do you tell someone you love her?

Just tell her how u feel then break out and tell her u love her!!!!!

How can you tell your girlfriend you love her?

go on a date with her and talk to her and then tell her you love her and she will say she love you too

Why do you tell somebody that love you love them?

You tell them you love them because you want to be with them or have them in your life.

When does a woman know she is in love?

when you love someone you can tell but when you're IN love everyone else can tell

How can tell her i love you without going a place?

by just tell her you love her

What is the duration of Tell Me You Love Me?

The duration of Tell Me You Love Me is 3600.0 seconds.

How I tell if Im in love?

when you are in love you feel right at home in the arms of your partner. Tell him/her that you love them as soon as you can. They may love you too!

If you tell your boyfriend you love him and he asks you why you love him what do you tell him back?

Well, if he asks you why, then tell him why. Be truthful on this. You can tell him some of the things about him that you like. For example, you could tell him, "Honey, I love how you are always there for me. Then you know what to say when I have a problem."

What are the best ways to tell someone you are in love with him or her?

Just simply tell them that you love them.

What should you do if a girl says I love you out of the blue?

Tell them how you feel. Do you love them? If not tell them.

When was Just Tell Me You Love Me created?

Just Tell Me You Love Me was created in 1980.

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