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Look under the hamsters legs, females will be smooth, males will have a bubbly protrusion. On young longhaired hamsters it can be difficult to tell if it is male or female. Wait for the hamsters to get bigger.
A male hamster has balls and a female does not.

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Q: How can you tell if it is a female or male hamster?
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How can you tell if a Golden hamster is a male or female?

A female hamster will have a longer tail then the male hamsters and female's make more mess then male's.

Will the Siberian dwarf hamster be okay if it doesnt live with another hamster?

If you get anotherfemale hamster the mother of the hammy they with fight and the female hamster will eat the baby hamster.! If you don't know if you have a female or male go to animal doctor and they will tell you if they female or male?

How do you tell the sex of a teddy bear hamster?

I have a teddy bear hamster that is a male. You can tell the gender by looking at the under side a your hamster, then if your hamster has two testicles (it looks like a little butt) is a male if not it is a female.

How can you tell from a male hamster to a female hamster?

The male hamster and the female hamster both have two pink dots. The males dots are more far apart if you cant figure it out go to a vet or pet store worker.

How do you tell that the male hamster waints a female hamster?

acually only people and dolphins want sex

How do you see if a hamster is a female or male?

A female hamster can have up to 16 nipples. A male hamster will have visible testicles when he is a few wekks old. It's difficult to tell, and they shouldn't be handled much, when newborn.

When can you hold the mom of baby dwarf hamsters?

You can hold any male/female hamster when it's three to five weeks old basicly when you can tell its a male?female hamster

How can you tell if a hamster is male or female?

Because the males a penis and the females don't.

How do you tell the difference from a female and male hamster?

Um.. one has the reproductive organs of a male and one doesn't.

You have had your male hamster for a month and you just got a female hamster Will your male hamster be settled in too much to breed?

Do not put a female hamster with an already settled male hamster JUST DON'T

Can a female hamster and a male hamster live together?

to tell you hamsters only like each other when they want to have kids

How do you tell the baby male hamster from the female hamster?

ask the pet shop or person you bought it from and they should be able to help you, that's what i did when i bought mine i just asked if it was male or female and she checked it:)

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