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you can't

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How do land hermit crabs have babies?

Nobody knows, but they could be like snails, snails have no gender and can reproduce without having to mate. Hermit crabs can be related to snails.

Does the mother snail die after having the babies?

Snails lay eggs and it doesn't kill them.

Do mama snails have babies or daddy snails have babies?

There are no such things as "mama snails" and "dada snails". Snails are both boys and girls and it only takes 1 snail to have offspring.

What if your snails shell is changing from a dark color to a light color?

then you can tellthat it growing or it having babies

When do snails have babies?

Snails do reproduce. They lay eggs.

How can you tell how many babies a woman is having?

Go to a doctor.

Can snails have babies in soil?


Do snails have babies?

no. snails don't have babies. all the snails just magically appeared one day and as it turned out, they're immortal. if you're asking if they give live birth then no. they lay eggs.

Can newly hatched baby snails have babies?

yes but only if they have it with other baby snails

Do snails have babies buy there self?

Snails are hermanphrodites but they will not self-fertilize. Only plants do that.

Do male water snails have babies?

all snails have both male and female parts

Can snails have one baby?

No snails can have lots of babies because they are hermaphrodites (all snails are male and female all in one).

What do you do when your cat is having babies?

Consult a vet is all I can tell you, sorry.

How do you tell if my silver dollar is having babies?

Please rephrase question.

Do mother snails die after they have babies?

from what i heard no

Can males have babies?

Only snails and slugs

How quickly do snails have babies?

2 weeks

How can you tell if your mouse is having baby's?

if baby mice are submerging from her vaginal area, shes having babies

How can you tell if a snail is having a baby?

Most snails don't give birth to live young, but lay eggs. But snails in the family Viviparidae give birth to live young.

Can aquarium snails have babies?

oh yes, I bought four snails for my aquarium and ended up with hundreds. the babies are really cute but they multiply really fast.

What do you call snails babies?

Sadly there is no name for a snail's baby besides "snail babies."

How do snails make babies?

when 2 snails love each other very much... when 2 snails love each other very much...

How can you tell if a female turtle is having a baby?

Turtles dont have babies,they lay eggs

How can you tell if your fish is having babies?

This is a easy way to tell if their stomach is getting rounder than a little red ball.

How do snails have babies?

They probaly lay jelly-covered eggs.

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