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You can call them. If they answer, the phone is on.

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Where can you get someones phone number?

The Phone book

Why does the phone has only one ringing sound rrrriiiiiiinnng. rrrrrriiiiinnnnggg when you call?

Do you any other way at that time to tell you someones calling

Can you crash someones phone by sending lots of texts?


How do you know if someones phone is disconnected?

define "disconnected"

Can you tell by someones face shape if they are Jewish?


How do you tell if someones a pidifile?

If they abuse a kid.

Can you tell if someones on line not a friend facebook?


What is the result of the roll number 68310287?

That is actually someones phone number, it's in the phone book

If you licked a phone that was in someones underwear could you get sick?


If you block someones phone number what do they hear?

busy signal

Can you access someones cell phone pictures by their number?


What does it re is a phone beside someones name on facebook?


How can you tell if someones a virgin or not?

open them up and look

How can you tell if someones dead?

Check for a pulse - and/or breathing !

If you have someones IP address can you tell if they are online?


How can you unblock your number from someones phone?

Steal their phone (not reccomended) and tap unblock, or talk things over with them.

Can you tell if someones not a virgin just by looking?

Nope. No way to tell. None at all.

How do you send a mp3 to someones cell phone?

Bluetooth or Infra-red

Can i find someones name by mobile no?

Try Reverse Phone Detective.

How do you shut down someones phone while bluetooth is on?

Drop it in a toilet.

Does texting to someones mobile phone from yahoo messenger give them your phone number?

No, It only show your user id there.

When did a mobile phone save someones life?

in an accident and when you have been left somewhere and no other way of contacact but by phone

Both biography and autobiography tell the story of?

Someones life

Can you tell what color someones nipples are without seeing them shirtless?


Can someones parole officer tell them who can and can not live with them?

They can tell you a convicted felon that is not related to you cannot live with you.