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How can you tell if someone is addicted to pain medicine?

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September 28, 2007 12:10AM

The main physical signs of a person under the influence of codene/hydrocodone/oxycodone (vicodin,lortab,oxycontin etc. etc.) are as follows: Constricted (pinpoint) pupils even in dim light. Hot or sweaty and flushed, they will be abnormally hot or sweaty in a normal climate with little to no activity. lethargic, Drowsy or Hiper and entergetic depending on the person and the length of abuse. The longer the abuse the less drowsy the effect. The longer the abuse the harder to see the side effects, except the pinpoint pupils. They can also be moody, forgetful etc. It's hard to tell if someone is addicted per se unless you know how much and how often they are taking the meds. Are they taking more than the prescription states? Do they "have to have" the meds. Do the make a big fuss when the can't get them or start running low? Are they running out before they should? If you think they might be then something is making you wonder/question. so they might be. If they have cronic pain and they see a doctor who prescribes the meds. then sometimes addiction is the same as pain control. It can be a very fine line between pain control and abuse.