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How can you tell if someone is really a friend or a user?



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A FRIEND listens to you when you are hurting; will be there when you need them; will be elated at the good luck you may have off and on; will listen and offer suggestions to your problems; is trustworthy and doesn't gossip regarding what you have discussed to other people and keeps it confidential. In turn you should treat them the same way. Sometimes one of the two friends may need the other a little more often (everyone's lives are different and sometimes some people have an easier life than others.) A USER is a person that may ask how you are doing, but before you can hardly get the words out they are talking about themselves. A user also will shift their eyes or walk around when you are trying to talk about a problem (may glance at the TV, finish reading their book, look around, but you know they aren't listening and are easily distracted because they are bored with what you have to say.) They offer no solutions to your problems or they may take it too lightly and don't realize how serious your problem is. They may borrow money off you, try borrowing your car or at least try to nab a lift off you. If they go with you to a party they don't want to leave when you do, or, they may well leave with the opposite sex and leave you high and dry. What little they do hear they will gossip about it to their friends or, they may never give it another thought. They are cold, calculating (want everything their way and don't want to hear about your problems) and appear to want nothing but fun until they are having problems and then they want your undivided attention! They may flirt with your date and wouldn't think twice about trying to win them over no matter how it hurts you. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. If this person is more than 2 of these things then ditch them! If they just don't listen when you speak then sit down with them and tell them you don't like it and expect the same respect you give them. They may improve and if not, then kick 'em to the curb. They'll just cause you heartache and trust is such a big issue between the opposite sexes and also friendship.