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Well if they don't know you then, it would be hard for them to like you wouldn't it? Perhaps you shoud try to get to know the person, or make it possible for them to know you. Bring up current topics or local events, as conversation starters.

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What do you do if a guy knows you like him and he still talks to you but thinks you like someone else?

Just tell him. No one is a mind reader, if you like him tell him you are available.

If someone knows you like them how can you tell if they don't feel the same way without them saying it?

You can always tell how someone feels about you by the way they treat you and act when you are around them. If someone knows you like them and tries to avoid you then they probably don't feel the same way. If they act shy around you but make an effort to be around you then chances are they do like you.

What are the predators of the Snapping Turtle?

i dont no, but if someone in this world knows please tell us we would like to know.

How can you tell if your guy is seeing someone else?

Ask around. Someone knows.

Can someone tell me how to steal a rented Pokemon is because I have a friend that knows how to do it but he won't tell me so can someone please tell me?

use your brains

What is the easiest highest paid job that nobody knows about?

If nobody knows about it, then how can you expect someone to tell you what it is.

What is Miley Cyrus' work out schedule?

Nobody knows!! She would have to tell someone and it doesn't look like that has happened.

How can you get girls 2 like you?

Tell the girl you like her.. if she doesnt respond with "i like you too" then start talking to someone else she knows until she gets jealous.. trust me.. she will, even if you cant tell. Then you act like your over her.

What do you do you told your best friend you are dating someone and im not but you really like her?

You should be totally honest. Tell her you like her, who knows, she might have the same feeling.

Does Miley Cyrus like you?

maybe who knows if she knows you she might tell you

What to do if your being bullyed?

Tell someone - anyone. Best to tell an adult. Don't be scared that it will get worse, it will only get better if someone knows about it....

What do you do if you like someone and no one knows you like them should you tell anyone?

no. for various reasons. it may be possible the person you tell is also intrested. that is one of many reasons. go directly to the one you like and discuss that with the person.

Why does doctor who never tell someone that he loved them?

because he knows he can out live them

My mom and dad divorced and my dad is starting to get abusive to my mom what should you do?

tell someone, like a best friend or a guidance counselor, it can be hard to tell, but abuse is serious. If you trust your mom, tell her your going to tell someone just incase, so she knows. Good Luck!

How do you tell a guy you like him after he rejected you?

If he rejected you he already knows you like him. No need to tell him again.

How do you get a girl to like you that's already going out with somebody?

Try to like be who you really are and not try to be someone who youre not. Tell some jokes and make her feel happy and who knows!!!

How should you tell someone you really like them?

If your trying to tell someone that you like them you should be truthful. Just being plain honest is going to be the best way to tell someone you like them.

I am in 4 grade and i like a boy.but he knows i like him.but he does not know for sure.i want to tell him that i do but i am to scard.i don't know if i sould tell him or not.?

You should tell him if he knows then that is good just come out with it that is how i got the boy i like

Does a person know when your dreaming about them?

No one knows that you have dreamed about them until you tell someone.

What do you do when this girl likes you and you like her friend and she knows?

Tell the girl you like that you don't like her. But tell her gently. And buddy, girl rule number 1 is "Never go out with your best friend's ex or someone that she likes". So sorry bud.

How do you tell if a boy knows that you like him?

He stays away from you

How do you tell somene you like them?

you tell someone you like them by your body language.

What do I do with all the emotions I bottle up when I can not tell someone I like them?

Tell someone that you like Emily for example. Then tell the someone why you like Emily, and get out so it's not bottled up inside you. This worked for me when I was afraid to tell the person I liked them.

If you like someone do you tell them?


What if you like this guy and his best bud knows and he might tell him?

If you like him then it should be ok if he knows - if you really don't want him to know then tell his friend that its not true and then nothing will happen.

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