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When the crankshaft gets worn out, the engine will make lots of very loud knocking and or squealing noises. The engine may also lock up tight and not turn over. Damaged crankshafts are usually the result of not changing the oil often enough or not having enough oil in the engine. Crankshafts just dont wear out on their own.

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Q: How can you tell if the crankshaft is broken or worn out in a 95 Mercury Villager?
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How can you tell if your timing belt is broken on a mercury villager?

If the timing belt was broken, obviously the engine would not run. If you crank the engine and the distributor does not turn, that would be a good sign.

Show where the knock sensor located?

can you tell me where the knock sensor is located on a 3.3l mercury villager

How can you tell if your 2000 mercury villager is turning over with a broken timing belt?

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN THE ENGINE OVER IF YOU SUSPECT A BROKEN TIMING BELT !!!!!! If you have, you already have more problems than a broken timing belt. Remove the upper timing belt cover and physically look at the timing belt.

What size battery will fit in a 1995 mercury villager?

Anyplace that sells batteries can tell you the correct size you need.

How do i know if your 1994 mercury villager has keyless entry?

One way would be to take the VIN number to a Ford dealer, they would be able to tell.

How can you tell if the ignition switch is bad on a 95 Mercury Villager?

A bad ignition switch, on your 1995, Mercury Voyager, will cause the vehicle not to start. In most cases a bad ignition will cause the engine not to turn over.

Where is the crankshaft sensor 1996 Chevy 1500?

how to tell if my crankshaft sensor is not working

What size are the tires on a 1996 Mercury Villager?

Look inside the driver side door jam is should tell you tire sizes. If you cannot find it, refer to your owners manual.

How do you tell if the computer is bad in a 1996 mercury villager?

IF the computer was really defective, either the car would not run, or there would be a check engine light due to a fault code.

WHAT Type of transmission oil for a 1993 Mercury Villager?

Go to your local parts house or Walmart, Pepboys, ect. and get trans fluid for a Ford automobile. The bottle will tell you it is for Ford autos.

How do you tell if your water pump is no good on 1999 mercury villager?

If it's leaking and squealing, it's bad. If it's not, it's probably OK. It should be changed when you change the timing belt.

How do you change the timing belt on a 2000 Mercury Villager with a 3 liter engine?

too much to tell u on-line-there are enough complexities to purchase the service manual- they're about $15 at AutoZone

How can you tell if you have a loose crankshaft or crankshaft position sensor?

I really need to know how to tell if i have a loose crankshaft or crankshaft position sensor. Or could it be the timing belt . We just put in a new water pump but the timing belt was on TDC when we were done. PLEASE HELP !!!! Its running pretty crappy...

Where is camshaft sensor?

more likely crankshaft sensor. Near the end of the crankshaft and its there to tell the ECU what the crankshaft position is so that the plugs will fire and all of the stuff.

Can you tell from the appearance of mercury oxide that it contains mercury?


What are some books that tell about mercury?

The Temperature of Mercury

How can you tell if sway bar needs replacement on 1997 Mercury Villager?

Normally it is not the swaybar itself but the bushings. You have a set of two on each side of the car, an upper and lower. Fairly easy to do. About 8 bucks for each set.

Why does your mercury villager check engine light flash 20 times?

Its trying to give you a trouble code to tell you whats wrong with the car. Take it to someone who has a code reader, such as an autoparts store or oilcan Henry's if you have one near you.

Is crankshaft sensor position malfunction a serious problem?

The only function of the crankshaft position sensor is to tell you you have a miss fire ( a spark plug did not fire))

Where is the AC relay switch located on 1994 Chevy Lumina van?

where crankshaft sensor at?1995 Chevy lumina van v-6 3.1 i couldn't find crankshaft sensor. can u tell me where exactly is that thanks where crankshaft sensor at?1995 Chevy lumina van v-6 3.1 i couldn't find crankshaft sensor. can u tell me where exactly is that thanks

How can you tell a bad crank sensor?

A computer diagnostic test will generally tell you if you have a faulty crankshaft position sensor.

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Where is the crankshaft sensor on a 1984 Chevy Celebrity 2.8L?

It does not have one. Crankshaft position sensors are used in distributorless ignition systems to tell the ignition control module where the crankshaft is in its rotation. The 1982 thru 1986 2.8L engines had distributors so they had no need of a crankshaft position sensor.

How remove crankshaft pulley on Corvette?

it should be on the instructions or when you get the car they should tell you