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Listen to it. if it is making loud noise you will hear it... assuming by noise you mean sound wave vibrations within the range of human detection...

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Q: How can you tell if the exhaust pipe gasket or the exhaust manifold gasket is making loud noise on a 1993 Buick LaSabre?
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Chevy impala is making a muffling sound when driving?

Exhaust leak at Exhaust manifold to head gasket or oring at exhaust manifold pipe.

Why does a muffler have two tail pipes from one muffler?

A cheaper option for dual exhaust without making it a true dual exhaust from the exhaust manifold/headers. Not much performance gained just appearance.

Could a bad donut gasket be responsive for a lack of power and bad fuel economy?

All a donut gasket does is provide a seal between your exhaust and your manifold. If anything you may get better mileage because there is less restriction on your exhaust. The bad part is you may get some fumes in the passenger area. ==Another Answer== A bad donut gasket could in fact cause these symptoms. It will allow excess oxygen into the exhaust stream, tricking the oxygen sensor into thinking the engine is running lean, making it add fuel and make the engine run rich. This will hurt fuel economy and power.

Can you help you just got a alpha-sports kaliber ls scooter and you want to make it go faster without buying upgrade parts what can you do?

If you take off the exhaust from the manifold theres usaully a washer there . By taking that washer off you are letting more gases escape therefore making it go faster but make sure that you dont accidently remove the gasket aswell . The gasket is the black rubber piece that stops the exhaust from letting the gases out from where it is connected to the engine . If you do you will here the engine alot more and it is not googd for the exhaust and the engine metal to be touching .

I have a 99 Camaro V6. The engine is making a ticking noise when it starts cold then when it warms up it is fine any suggestions?

it may be an exhaust manifold gasket. when they are bad, they make a tapping soud til it heats up and semi-seals itself. it's one thing to have checked.

Why is my 97 Camry making a loud noise whenever I step on the gas?

The most likely cause is an exhaust leak or a cracked exhaust manifold. While it is also possible that there is a problem with the Camry's catalytic converter, check to see if there are any leaks from the exhaust or any problems with the muffler first.

What could it be that is making my 1989 ford f150 engine run loud?

Exhause leak? Bad Muffler? Leaking or cracked exhaust manifold? Bad EGR valve?

What is the difference between white smoke and steam coming out the tailpipe?

You will see steam come from the tailpipe in the winter which is caused by the hot exhaust coming from the engine making contact with the cold metal in the exhaust system. This is normal and no cause for alarm. However if the white smoke does not dissipate almost instantly and seems to continue you may have a blown head gasket. If the exhaust smells sweet you almost certainly have a problem and the gasket is blown. A blown gasket will destroy the engine in time. If you are not sure have it looked at by a professional.

Will a minor exhaust leak trip an oxygen sensor and thus making a check engine light go on and off?

Yes, if the leak is in the manifold or collector before the 02 senor.

How do you know if you have a blown head gasket in a 1994 Cadillac STS?

Depending on the failed section of gasket, either the engine coolant ( anti freeze) will mill with the engine oil making a creamy, expensive mess. or exhaust gases entering the cooling system

Why is there a lot of exhaust noise upon acceleration on a 2005 Grand Cherokee after it warms up?

check your engine for a cracked manifold (covering of the engine parts and cylinders. also look for any exhaust leaks. it sounds like the exhaust noise isn't making it to the muffler as it should and instead is coming from the engine directly.

How do you replace the O2 sensor on a 96 Saturn SC2?

Cut the wire, unscrew the old oxygen sensor then replace it with the new one and finally, connect the new wire, making certain that you follow the manufacturers wiring diagram. To find the oxygen sensor, look at the exhaust manifold, then follow it down to where the manifold feeds into the headpipe. The oxygen sensor is the part that screws into the exhaust and has a wire connected to it.

What does milky looking oil in engine with white steam from coming exhaust mean?

theres a very good chance that the engine has a blown head gasket. what is happening is the water cooling the engine is escaping past the head gasket & into the engine, mixing with the oil making it milky coloured. the water is also escaping into the cylinders, making the steam come from your exhaust, you may also have trouble when turning the engine over, with water building up in the cylinders when cooling down.

How do you change spark plugs on a Daewoo matiz?

Pull off the 3 plugs on top of the exhaust manifold. get a spark plug socket and whip em out. Wacky the new one in carefully making sure not to over tighten them

Why use double exhaust in the car?

A dual exhaust system is designed to reduce exhaust backpressure, making the engine run more efficiently.

How do you fix a blown head gasket on a 1999 Chevy Lumina?

You have to remove the following: 1. Throttle body and breather 2. Alternator 3. Power steering pump (leaving the hoses attached). 4. Air Conditioning Compressor 5. Top engine mounting brackets. 6. The Exhaust cross over pipe. 7. Spark plug wires. 8. Ignition coil 9. Upper intake 10. Fuel injector assembly 11. Lower intake 12. rocker arms and rods (making sure to keep them in order). 13 remove the heads. (note on the rear head you do not have to disconnect the exhaust manifold from the exhaust system, simply place a jack under tail pipe next to the head and lift it slightly and then slide the head gasket in. hope this helps.

There was coolant on top of the intake manifold when you removed the air plenum from your 95 Bonneville does that mean the head gasket is blown?

Sometimes coolant blows all over under the hood when an engine overheats. Try to find out where the leak is comming from before making any assumptions.

Where is the power steering reservoir on the 1984 Chevy Celebrity?

On the V6 engine the power steering reservoir is on the firewall side of the engine below the level of the exhaust manifold. There may be heater hoses or wiring harness over it making the filler cap a little hard to see.

Where does the gasoline burned in a car go?

It comes out of your exhaust, in the engine it combusts making your car propel forward, the vaporized gasoline exits your exhaust.

Why should a leaking valve cover gasket be repaired for a 1996 Toyota Avalon?

Losing oil means less of it to lubricate the valve train that the cover covers. If it leaks enough, it will reduce oil volume enough to starve other compenents. It means oil dripping down, maybe onto the exhaust manifold, where it burns and makes a bad odor and maybe a fire hazard. It drips onto the garage floor or pavement, making an unsightly potential slip hazard and pollutes groundwater.

Why is my 95 Monte Carlo leaking water from behind the thermostat?

thermostat gasket probably leaking. replace thermostat and gasket making sure that thermostat housing is flat.

Is it an exhaust leak if your car sounds like it is having a hard time running - kind of sputtering - under the hood right after you start the engine but quits after minutes in your 2004 Ford Escape?

An exhaust leak would not stop after a few minutes. Sounds like you have a choke problem.**Alternative answer**I took my Escape in for a similar problem and it turns out that the exhaust manifold had cracked and it was making the noise you describe as the exhaust was escaping through the crack. It goes away after the metal gets hot and expands, temporarily sealing the crack. Quoted cost to fix is $1800. yikes.

What can damage an oil filter gasket?

Not applying a film of oil to the gasket before installation. Grit or dirt on the gasket or mounting surface. Over-tightening the filter. Only tighten 3/4 turn after making contact with the mounting surface.

Want to buy venture What should you look for in defects?

check the mileage. at 100,000 miles, you preety much need an engine overhaul. Before 100,000 miles, you would want to make sure that the manifold intake gasket has been upgraded/replaced. and that you have had an honest mechanic do a FULL tune-up. Many mechanics only change the front 3 spark plugs cause it's a pain to get to the back ones. The manifold intake gasket will help with making sure that your van isn't leaking coolant. You'll also want to watch out for defective rack/pinion/bushings.

Car Exhaust Repairs?

form_title=Car Exhaust Repairs form_header=The exhaust system pushes out the waste products of combustion, cleans up harmful emissions and reduces the noise produced by the engine. Keep you car running smoothly with car exhaust repairs. Have you noticed any visible emissions (smoke or vapor) from the exhaust system?= () Yes () No Has your car been making any unusual noises?= () Yes () No Has your car been making unusual smells when it is running?= () Yes () No