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The modules are sensitive to heat so they can cause the engine to shut off, then, after cooling down, the car will start and run like nothing happened.As it gets worse,it will happen more often until the car fails to start.

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Q: How can you tell if the ignition module is going bad?
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Will a bad ignition module for a 96 S10 pickup make it stall and what does it do?

Yes, My ignition module was bad, I experienced intermittent stalling. My mechanic replaced and it stopped.

Why does my 1989 Chevy 350 ignition module keep going bad?

If you're not using a heat sink grease between the module and the mount area try using some on your next replacement module.

How can you tell if an ignition coil needs to be replaced?

It is important to recognize the signs of car parts going bad. The symptoms of an ignition coil going bad are bad fuel economy, backfiring, starting problems and engine misfiring.

Bad ignition module is also causing of not starting?

A bad ignition module will cause a no start situation in a vehicle because the needed spark is not created. It is responsible for telling the distributor when to fire.

What would cause no spark to coil?

bad pick up or bad ignition module

Your 1991 Cadillac eldorado dies going down the road but will restart after stopping only to stall alittle while later could this be an ignition module problem?

Sounds like your electronic control module is going bad

1989 Camaro eat 3 ignition modules in 7 days so what causes the ignition module to go bad in a day or two?

What exactly is going on with the car that is making you believe that the ignition module is bad to begin with? Does it not turn over, no power, are there any lights that come on the dashboard? What kind of key is used in this car? Does it have a "chip" in the key?

What could cause a no spark condition in a 1995 Honda Prelude?

bad ignition coil, bad plugs. bad plug wires, bad ignition control module........

What causes ignition control module to go bad?

An electrical short or grounding of the module is one of the leading causes of module failure.

What would cause no spark on a 1983 Oldsmobile delta 88 with a 307CID V8?

It could either be a bad ignition coil, a bad ignition rotor, a bad ignition cap, a bad ignition control module (if equipped), or a bad coil to cap wire.

What causes no spark on a 98 Chevy 25004x4?

Ignition module bad.

Why will a Toyota corolla with a brand new battery not turn over?

Bad Starter. Bad Starter Relay. Bad Ignition Switch. Bad Ignition Module. Improper Ground.

Can a bad ignition module cause one plug to missfire?

no..if its bad your car wont start

Is the ignition control module going bad in your Honda Civic?

if you have been having intermittent power-accessory or dash light failure, and/or the car won't stay started (no idle), then yes, it can be your ignition switch module. when car won't idle, try turning and holding the key halfway between Start and On; if it then idles normally, it is definitely your ignition switch module. easy to replace.

How can you tell if the ignition control module is bad?

You can do it yourself by going to author is correct) or take it to oreilly auto parts or autozone. They both will test it for you...Take it to both places..a second opinion never hurts...good luck....

Can a bad ignition cause no spark in your lawn tractor?

Yes. If the ignition is malfunctioning, the spark plug will not ignite. A bad ignition module, a bad spark plug or a bad plug wire are the most common causes of that (besides a bad battery, of course).

Why does your Blazer start at times and doesn't at others?

Bad Ignition Module in Distributor.

Why does my Rudd silhouette gas furnace refuse to light?

Bad ignition module.

How do you know if a Honda Civic ignition module is bad?

Take it to AutoZone, and they can test it

What are the causes for no spark on a 1999 Ford Ranger?

No spark can be as simple as a ecm fuse blown, a bad ignition switch, defective ignition module or a bad coil.

What could cause a 1984 Corvette ignition module keep going bad is this common?

This is not common. Check to make sure there is not too much voltage at the dist.

Would a bad ignition module cause no fuel pressure in a 95 lesabre?


What would keep a 1998 2.2 Chevy truck from firing?

A bad ignition module.

Why wont your 1984 dodge startengine turns overhas fuel at carb does not have ignition spark?

== answer== Could be a bad ignition control module or coil,points if equiped,cap,or rotor,bad ignition switch.

Would a body control module shut down a car while in driving motion?

Maybe the igniton control module or the ignition module are making bad contact.