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I don't think you can really. Maybe there's a signature though.


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you have to have the real one and see if its fake or not

You can tell a card us real because it will have a code at the bottom or a number and this will be real because no one else will have the same no as u

Genetic and pedigree analysis can tell us a great number of things. This analysis can tell us about our potential for disease.

The Ancient Mew card can be found real if the entire card is holographic, the attacks and new are in Japanese, and is from the first Pokemon Movie Event.

A pedigree shows the possible outcomes of traits in offspring. It shows if the offspring will have the trait, or if they will be a carrier.

Pedigree cats are a result of many generations of breeding within the same breed. You cannot tell this by looking at a cat, only by recording the generations of cats. Technically a cat is not pedigree if you do not have a record of its family, even if it has been bred true, as you need proof of breed to enter it in a cat show as a pedigree.

A dog's pedigree would tell you about the traits it expresses by that the traits it does tells you about it, and it's offspring might inherit it's parent, and by that you can know.

Genealogies are great for studying inheritance of traits.

A pedigree is a chart or "family tree" that tracks which member of you family have a particular trait. These can be ordinary traits such as eye color, or genetic disorder's such as albinism.

Ask for a pedigree from the place you got it from.

Look for blurry text on the game card, and find a picture of a real heartgold card to compare it with.

If it is real it will have a holographic thing in the corner. and if it is promo it will have limited edition on it.

Go to, and it will tell you what you need to know.

if it's fake it's all shiny if its real its not

A cash register often contains a credit card slider. ATM machines also are card machines. Playing card machines exist to tell "real" from "fake" cards.

You must show us the pedigree for us to answer your question. A carrier is the individual that has a recessive gene. We can't, however, tell you which one it is unless you post the pedigree. That's similar to asking which individual is my grandpa without showing you my family tree.

First take a look at the card. on the bottom right side of the card you will see what year the card was made in, then if the card has a shiny part, it's real. Another way you could tell is by comparing the card because not one copy looks exactly the same. Look real close, you'll see the difference.

If you rip it in half the fake card will be harder to rip, the real one will be easier to rip =)

You can normally tell by the pedigree, and also if it has been registered into a Kennel Club. If they are not available, your vet would be able to tell you more.

When a dog has a pedigree it's bloodline can be traced back many generations in order to be able to tell if the animal has the quality of bloodline that it is claimed to have. It is like a family tree.

card store i got every Pokemon card there is i never get them out or use them nothin still brand new you cant even tell there 7 years old

If the card is 2 dimensional, it is most likely fake. 3 dimensional is most likely real. Not oh, so sure.

If your dog is not acting like itself and laying down a lot. That is one sign

you can tell it's real by the silver. If its real silver it is real. Get it?? I hope that helped you.

You look at the bottom right-hand corner of the card, and if there is a silver or gold square there, then it is real, and if it's not then it's fake.

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