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Depends on the Mileage! it should had been changed about 60,000 miles but it you dont know, then, go ahead and change it for your pieace of mind. It would cost you some money to take it to the mechanic and have him take a look at it, but you better of changing it that way you clear all doubts.

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Does timing belt need to be replaced to fix water pump in 2002 Honda Civic?

You do not have to replace the timing belt but you will have to remove it in order the replace the pump. Unless the belt is pretty new I suggest you replace it at the same time you replace the pump. The pump should have been replaced when you replaced the belt at 105,000 miles.

Would the transmission need to be replaced on a 2000 Honda Passport if the gears are slipping?

Hi, the trans front pump bolts have become loose. but if it has been slipping for a while then tigntening the bolts will not help you will have to replace it.

Does 2008 Mazda miata use a timing belt or timing chain?

The timing belt has been replaced with a no-maintenance chain on 2006 & up

When do I replace the timing belt on Pontiac vibe?

I've been informed it has a timing chain, not belt, and therefore does not need to be replaced.

Honda bx7a transmission fluid type?

Honda ATF Z-1 (Note Z-1 has been replaced by Honda ATF-DW1).

In a 2004 Volkswagen Passat what is the recommended mileage to change the timing belt.?

If the timing belt has not been replaced during prior visits the 105k interval is when it should be replaced regardless of inspection. It should be checked at 60k and 80k for the 1.8T, and if there are signs of wear at that time replaced.

Why is the 4 wheel drive light flashing when I am in 2 wheel drive on my 1998 Honda Passport?

If a starter has been replaced vacuum hoses may have been damaged. There is a junction of vacuum hoses under a starter. (at least 8) Make sure all of them are connected. i have the same question. My 1997 Passport 4 wheel drive stays on all the time. Did you find a solution? Arthur

What is wrong with my 1995 quest that whines when cold?

If the timing belt has been replaced then it is probably too tight.

What else needs to be changed when replacing water pump and timing belt on 1999 Honda Passport?

This is only a preliminary, starter, answer,an maybe an expert will come along and improve this answer with more detail. Generally, anytime you dissassemble and reassemble anything it is recommended to replace all GASKETS involved. Also, unless your radiator hoses, by-pass hose, and hose clamps have been recently replaced, it is recommended that they be replaced also. Due to your vehicle's age, if these items are "original," it IS TIME to replace these items.

Does a 2006 Honda CR-V have a timing belt or chain?

Since (and including) the 2002 model year, CR-V's have been equipped with timing chains.

When should you change the timing belt on a 1997 Honda crv 2.1es?

It formerly used to be every 95,000 miles, but has been extended by Honda to a 105,000 mile interval.

Does 2003 Honda 2.0v-tec se have a timing belt or chain?

Since the introduction of the 2002 model year, CR-V's have been equipped with timing chains.

What causes P1361 code to appear in 2001 Honda Civic 1.7 Vtec?

Camshaft sensor needs to be replaced... for the 2001 Honda Civic, there has been a TSB released saying certain vehicles with certain VINs need to have their cylinder head replaced... Google it.

What does 150000 maintenance 1998 Honda civic cover?

The timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, plug wires, should have been replaced at 105,000 miles. The automatic transmission fluid should also have been replaced at around 100,000 miles. At 150,000 miles you should replace the brake fluid. Also inspect the brakes, brake lines, exhaust system, and all suspension parts.

Is it a good idea to buy a subaru with 176000 miles on it?

Yes, as long as it has had regular maint. and timing belts have been replaced on scheduel.

When can a passport agent destroy a passport?

If the holder of the passport has already passed away or if the passport is old and have been asked to be destroyed

How can you tell if a timing belt or chain has been replaced?

One way, and in some circumstances perhaps the only way, is to purchase a CARFAX report.

In what years was the Honda CG125 motorcycle manufactured?

The Honda CG125 was first produced in 1976. Production was stopped in 2008. In the UK this was a popular model for learners. The CG125 model has now been replaced by the CBF125.

How do you get a Bulgarian passport?

You have to been in Bulgaria and asked the town console for a passport .

Does a 2008 civic have a timing belt or chain?

The 2008 Honda Civic has a timing CHAIN. I know it has come with a timing chain standard since at least 2006 when they redesigned the engine. It is possible that they have been using them even longer than that but I can not verify that. I seel Honda Civic's, they are great cars, get great gas mileage, and are fun to drive. They utililze a time chain, which is more durable than a timing belt, and does not require maintenance. I hope this helped answer your question.

How do you open the passport file if the passport was not known?

Basically, you cannot open it if the passport has never been known to be valid.

timing belt change?

form_title=Timing Belt Change form_header=Keep your engine running smoothly! If your timing belt needs changed, we can help you find an auto technician to get the job done. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ Has your timing belt been replaced before?= () Yes () No () Not Sure How many miles does your car have on it?=_

Timing belt broke on 91 Honda accord?

It is almost a sure thing that you have internal engine damage. This engine is an interference engine and when the belt breaks the pistons will make contact with the valves. You will have to remove the head and find out how much damage was done. The cam belt should have been replaced every 90,000 miles.

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