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How can you tell if the wetness in your underwear is water or pee?

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smell it. Does it smell like pee?

2006-08-03 21:56:06
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Q: How can you tell if the wetness in your underwear is water or pee?
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Cat pee was on your underwear is that bad?

almost as bad as dog pee on your underwear

Do girls pee on their underwear?


How do you do a pee?

remove underwear and relax!

Would it be sensible to take antibiotics if you were just a little unwell?

just ask your underwear and pee it. just ask your underwear and pee it.

Why do men shake when they pee?

To get the excess pee off the head of the penis so the men don't need to wipe the pee with some toilet paper, or they just pee and put the penis back in their underwear so the don't care if pee lands on their underwear. I don't, I just pee and put my penis back in my underwear and sometimes I am still peeing when I am putting my penis back in my underwear. Lol kinda wet sometimes but yeah that's why they shake =)

Can you pee in good nites underwear?


How can you tell if body needs water?

you get bubbles in your mouth, your mouth feels dry, you feel thirsty, or your pee is really yellow. the yellower your pee is the more water you need.

How do boys pee when they can't pull their underwear down?

Opening the front of their underwear.

How do you put on goodnites?

Just like underwear...then you pee and they absorb 13 oz!

Is the water we drink DINOSOAR PEE?

When God mad Adam and Eve, he knew they would need water so he gave them rivers and such to drink, and because of the water cycle, you are drinking that water, dinosoar pee, human pee, and animal pee. If you pee on the ground, it will go into the ground, the crap from the pee will separate from the water in your pee and that water will continue in the water cycle. Not all of the water you drink is dinosoar pee. eeewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is urine and how do people pee?

Urine is a waste product that the kidneys filter out of blood, and water. How people pee: When you have to pee, nerve endings in your bladder tell you that you have to empty your bladder. When you are ready to pee, you relax muscels in your blatter and the pee flows out of your body through the urethra, the tube that leads pee out of your body.

Why do female dogs pee on underwear?

Because you let it. You should try to train your dog.

What do you do if you pee your pants at school?

Always keep a spare pair of pants and underwear in your locker.

Does hot water or cold water make you pee when you are slepping?

Hot water makes you want to pee but cold water actually makes you pee.

Do you pee at water parks?

yeah i do it doesn't make sense to get out of the water to pee when you can just pee where you are

Does pee contain water?

Yes. Pee is around 95% water.

How does a knight pee?

He had a cod piece that he just lifted. People did not wear underwear in those days.

Do polar bears pee on ice?

no they pee in the water

Everyone saw your underwear at school what should you do?

pee in your pants Hey Im with you. I got over if I can you can too.

How do you teach a boy to pee?

Take out his penis and tell him to pee...that's all

How do you hold your pee in class?

Think of the dry dessert; don't think of water or cold. Just think of how dry (don't think "not wet" don't think of anything pertaining to wetness or water) it is in the dessert. Alternatively, pay attention to the lesson and you would hardly remember you wanted to use the toilet.

How can you tell where sugar enters the blood?

you can tell when you don't pee.

How do you tell if you have to pee?

dumm questions !

How do you tell if a baby boy has to pee?

If he does, he will.

Why do you get erect when you pee out of your underwear hole?

It is a combination of you touching your penis and getting slightly aroused and the hole in your underwear acting as a c*ck ring and holding blood in your penis making it erect.