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How can you tell if the window motor is blown up in a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee all but 1 window will not move and the doors want lock?


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2005-11-11 23:29:04
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Add power direct from the battery. pls see... http://www.faqfarm.com/Q/What_is_wrong_when_the_front_passenger_power_window_motor_sounds_like_it%27s_going_to_work_but_then_stops_and_the_window_will_not_move_on_a_1999_Jeep_Grand_Cherokee

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Any door from a 93-98 Grand Cherokee should fit

If the key will not work in the door or the liftgate, you will need to call a locksmith or break a window.

Have you replaced the battery in the fob?


They are inside the doors, and are available from most part stores.

The factory alarm is reset by unlocking the doors with a key or remote.

The lights on your 98 Grand Cherokee are designed to turn off when you start the vehicle. This is how they are made. Once the doors and closed and the ignition is turned on, they turn off.

No. one heater core, two airflow control doors. Called blend doors, very prone to breaking.

this site shows how: http://www.wjjeeps.com/doors/doorpanel.htm

6x9 won't fit in factory cut out of doors in a 96...they use round speakers...

There isn't a heater valve. The temperature is controlled by airflow doors inside the dash.

If all doors and hood are shut, there is a malfunction. Have the dealer look at it.

try the fuse box under the hood next to the battery if any of those are blown then that might be your problem

A sensor, no. If that is a feature on a 1996, it is a function of the power door lock system.

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