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How can you tell if the window regulator is bad on a 98 Ford Contour or is this more likely a wiring issue?


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2015-07-15 19:51:42
2015-07-15 19:51:42

You have to take the door trim pad off and see if there is voltage at the motor but more than likely, the motor is bad.


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Usual issues are window motor, window regulator, switches & wiring

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Begin by removing the inside door panel. Remove the wiring harness from the electric window regulator. Remove the window regulator retaining screws.

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First test to see if the problem is the switch, wiring, or the motor. Here's how replace the regulator if the switch and wiring test good. Here's how

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can probably raise the window/regulator by hand if you can remove the window motor from the regulator

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To install a new window regulator on a MGRZ driver's door, remove the door panel and the wiring attached to the power window mechanism. Remove stereo speaker from the inside door and the window glass. Remove the old window regulator and replace with new.

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