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How can you tell if this girl that you like likes you and She all of a sudden started to talk to you more often and you always catch her staring at you Is there anything else to look for?

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2011-09-13 05:26:27

FLIRT! That's how relationships get started. It doesnt have to

be hardcore! Just compliment her. If she makes fun or teases you

about it or says "aww thanks" but doesnt seem shy about it at all,

she's probably just interested in being friends. And don't make it

akward. You could ask her if she would be interested in going out

with a guy like you. If she hesitates, she just wants to be friends

(for now). But you COULD always just ask her out and if she rejects

you, its OKAY!! That happens sometimes. It just wasnt meant to be

and you will find someone that wants to be with you. You wont be

alone forever!!

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