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FLIRT! That's how relationships get started. It doesnt have to be hardcore! Just compliment her. If she makes fun or teases you about it or says "aww thanks" but doesnt seem shy about it at all, she's probably just interested in being friends. And don't make it akward. You could ask her if she would be interested in going out with a guy like you. If she hesitates, she just wants to be friends (for now). But you COULD always just ask her out and if she rejects you, its OKAY!! That happens sometimes. It just wasnt meant to be and you will find someone that wants to be with you. You wont be alone forever!!

2011-09-13 05:26:27
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Why does my girlfriend started generate heat all of a sudden?

Your girlfriend has started generated heat all of a sudden because she is either having a fever or she is tensed and nervous.

If a guy cheated on his girlfriend with you and she doesn't know why does he always look at you in the hallway and say hey to you whenever hes with her but when hes not he doesn't say anything to you?

maybe he wants to tell her in a not-sudden way? maybe he wants to tell her in a not-sudden way?

Why would a guy keep staring at you for weeks and you end up making the first move but all of the sudden he doesn't look at you anymore?


What is the term to the sudden failure of the computers that needs to be started?

Computer has Crashed

Why sudden cracking noise started from your bones?

Drink proper amount of water each day

Why has your 98 Navigator started losing mpgs all of a sudden?

When was the last time your service vehicle.

You left your speakers on one day not connnected to anything and all of a sudden it started making this noise that kept repeating it self every 5 seconds it sounded like a slow phone ring what can it?

Did you have your cellphone nearby? If so it was interference.

Why would our son's black lab all of a sudden become scared of me and not let me near herI haven't scolded her or anything she lets everyone else near her but me this just started she becomes upset?

She might be scared of you. If you did anything to scare her like yell at your son, it might have made her think you would hurt her.

Why did your breast grow a cup size?

Probably a sudden change in your hormones or if you started taking birth control.

Which part of the brain causes puberty?

Puberty is started by a sudden increase in hormones, released by the Pituitary gland.

What started Valentine's Day?

the Minoans started Valentines day when there was a sudden son born on the 14th names Valentine and He was a very important person and when he fell in love one day they started to call if Valentines Day

Example sentence of butterflies in your stomach?

I started to be filled with such excitement that I had the sudden sensation of the fluttering of butterflies in the depths of my stomach.

Im fifteen and ive gone through puberty but all of a sudden your voice has started cracking what does this mean?

You are dying.

What is impulse purchasing?

Impulse purchasing is a sudden purchasing and the one who purchase anything,In that situation impulse purchasing is to be abbreviated...

You have a male and a female hamster they have all of a sudden started to fight why?

They might if she is not in heat but they should be fine if she is but watch them just in case!

What could cause sudden numbness on upper jaw sudden stabbing headache on one side vomiting that starts and ends within 20 minutes?

Sounds like a migraine. mine used to be exactly like that when started.

Can you file your weeks the night before the due date?

Nope always busy all of a sudden its just a guess

During the fall of Communism Before in the US always held strong to the communist governments in Eastern Europe Now all of a sudden they are shaking Why?

sorry i meant Fall of communism: Before in the USSR always held strong to the communist governments in Eastern Europe. Now all of a sudden they are shaking. Why?

Is sudden a noun?

No, the word 'sudden' is not a noun; sudden is an adjective, a word that describes a noun (a sudden storm).The noun form for the adjective sudden is suddenness.

Will catastrophic insurance cover damages caused by a hurricane?

Hurrican damage is covered. Anything direct, sudden, and accidental is covered.

Why would your 1993 rodeo all of a sudden start misfiring and back firing started when you put gas in?

Could be water in your gas.

What kind of word is sudden?

The word 'sudden' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun (a sudden storm, a suddenaccident).

Is all of a sudden or out of a sudden correct?

"All of a sudden" is the correct phrase in English.

What would make your engine run rough when it is first started up and then all of a sudden it snaps out of it and runs smooth again?

02 Sensor!!!!

How do you use the word frightened in a sentence?

The sudden noise outside frightened me. My heart started to beat a little faster as I crept towards the window...