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How can you tell if you're 2 months pregnant or 1 month pregnant?

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When you doctor does an ultrasound he will measure the baby's size and be able to determine what you due date is. This is the only way to know for sure.

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How do you tell from your period if your pregnant?

you miss youre period if your pregnant.

If im 16 and tell a doctor IM pregnant will they tell mY parents?

well if you're 16 and beautiful and you are a few months pregnant then yeah it is a possible chance they could tell your parents. because would you want your parents to find out later youre pregnant or just let the doctor tell them because either way they will find out eventually. so... am i the dad.

How do you tell if youre pregnant or not?

A pregnancy test is really the only way to know for sure.

If you are seventeen weeks pregnant how many months pregnant are you?

If you're seventeen weeks pregnant that's right at the end of the fourth month. The fifth month begins with week 18. Its in the book what to expect when you are expecting and also what your doctor will tell you. The baby will be about the size of your palm right now. Remember pregnancy isn't 9 months its infact longer. Each month you are pregnant should roughly be about five weeks each not the traditional calander four.

Can you tell your pregnant in three months?

If you can't tell for yourself, a pregnancy test can.

How many months pregnant is Mariah Carey?

Mariah Carey is about three months pregnant I know her very well she is trying to stay away from the spotlight as much as she can till she's ready to tell the media and the whole world she will be announcing her pregnancy by the end of this month.

How can you tell if you are one month pregnant?

By taking a pregnancy test

If your two months pregnant can they tell if I am pregnant by my cervix?

Yes. A regular pap smear will come back saying that you are pregnant. I think they can tell visually as well.

What if your horse may be pregnant can you tell at two months?

Yes. She should come into season every month. If she has not come into season in two months then you can almost be certain she is bred. But you can also have a vet come down and check her.

Your mare has a 5 month old filly and might be pregnant again how can you tell?

After 140 days from the breeding, urine test or veterinary ultrasound exam can determine if your mare is pregnant. Also, if your mare has not come into heat for a few months, then she is likely pregnant.

How can you tell how pregnant your cat is?

the size of its stomach could be part of it. But usually when you start to see your cats belly become bigger, that's when you can tell that your cat is pregnant. A month after you realize this, it means that it is half way from giving birth. A cat is pregnant all together about 2-2 1/2 months.

Can you tell the sex of a 3 month pregnant woman?

You can tell the sex of the woman at any time (female), but the sex of the baby can be determined usually around 16-20 weeks into the pregnancy, or 4-5 months.

When you get your period for two months at a time can you be pregnant. Like u Skip one month and it like every two months u get it what does it mean?

You need to see a doctor to correct this. It means you only ovulate every 2 months instead of every month so the chance of pregnancy is lower. At the same time you have no idea when you ovulate in case you were tying to get pregnant. Some women have weird periods but the doctors can help. And I can't tell if you could be pregnant.

How can you tell if your pregnant for sure early on without taking a test?

a month

You are 13 years old an one month pregnant what do you do?

Tell your mommy.

Could i get pregnant if my last sex was in June my period is delay for one month now and it's November is it possible?

if the last time you had sex was in June then you are either five to six months pregnant or not pregnant at all a pregnancy test or doctors visit wil tell you

How many months do you have to be pregnant before you know the sex?

A sonogram can usually tell the sex of the baby by 4 months.

Can you be pregnant if you have missed your period for a month and had spotting the month after if you have all the pregnancy symptoms but home pregnancy tests say negative?

You just may be pregnant. The only real way to tell is to go to a doctor and tell them that exactly.

Can you tell if youre pregnant by your body temperature?

No. There are many reasons for change in body temperature. Even when you have a period you might feel flushed. The only way to know if your pregnant is to get a test

Is it possible to tell the gender of the baby after 4-5 months pregnant?

It is possible at 4 months but more certain at 5 months.

When is the webkinz duck goig to be pet of the month?

you never know, but webkinzinsider will tell you the next months and the 2 months after that.

How can you tell how many month you are?

what do u mean what months pregnency or something else

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If youre weight on earth equals 60N what will be youre weight on the moon?

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Can people tell you are pregnant at two months?

Pregnancy is usually not obvious at this stage. If you mean can medical people tell, then yes, they can tell from about three weeks.