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It is possible that if you had preg symptoms and now they have gone that you have miscarried. This is usually the case, but it is possible that you are still pregnant. There are quite a few pregnancies (more than you would expect) that are twins and one twin dies. The second baby is carried to full term with no problems. If you are carrying twins you will have worse pregnancy symptoms. It is possible that as the one dies, some of your symptoms seem to disappear as the body settles to a singular pregnancy. Any miscarriage must have bleeding to rid the body of the pregnancy - did you have something like a period? It would probably look like a heavy period at 5 weeks. Cramping is usual, but not always. You are best to go to the doctor and have an ultrasound. They will have a look and tell you if the baby is still there. If the baby has gone, and you haven't bled, you will probably need a D&C. This will scrape out the remains of the pregnancy. If this is not done it is possible that the body will continue to "support" the pregnancy when there is no baby. Yes, that is possible that you have miscarried, but it could just mean that your body is handling (or you may be adjusting) to pregnancy symptoms. But five weeks is a little early to lose pregnant symptoms. If you are early enough along, your body will dispose of the fertilized egg and you will probably never know. Good luck to you.

2008-06-29 17:21:45
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Could a pregnancy test be positive even if you are having a miscarriage?

yes. a pregnancy test detects specific hormones that are only present if you're pregnant. when you have a miscarriage, it takes a while for your body to realize you're not pregnant anymore, and then the hormones take time to disappear. at least a week.

You have all the pregnancy symptoms and a negative test and you had a period are you pregnant?

It is highly unlikley since menstural symptoms often mock pregnancy symptoms. Especially since you had your period that means the egg did not get fertilized. But if you have anymore concerns you should contact your doctor.

When your breasts get hard is that a sign of pregnancy?

Your breasts should not be hard when youre pregnant. they get tender and swollen. they will probably hurt if you are pregnant. if you have anymore questions about pregnancy contact me at --answer-- It can be, however pre-menstrual symptoms are exactly the same as pregnancy symptoms. It is incredible how tender and painful breasts can become during pregnancy but also before a period, too. You know that you are pregnant when a test comes +. Or when it is comfirmed by a doctor. Even with many pregnancy symptoms never believe that you are pregnant unless you KNOW it for sure by seeing a OB/Gyn. Good luck!

Are you pregnant if you used to have symptoms but dont anymore?

You can be. Typically pregnancy symptoms come and go. If you are concerned, call your OB/GYN. They deal with this all of the time and can see if they can hear a heartbeat.

What are some symptoms that show you could possibly be pregnant?

Well to start have you missed a period? If so for how long? Are you on birth control? If you are on birth control you're not pregnant. If you are not on birth control take a pregnancy test, start there if it comes back positive go to your OBGYN and have them take a blood pregnancy test that will definitely tell you if you are or you aren't. Pregnancy symptoms don't mean squat half the time anymore. Half the women who have pregnancy symptoms turn out not to be pregnant.

How long has Selena Gomez's mom been pregnant?

She's not anymore she sadly had a miscarriage

How do you know you pregnancy with your tubes tied?

If you had tubal ligation,then you will not get pregnant anymore.

What are the very first symptoms of pregnancy and why do some women know right when they get pregnant?

You get sick easily, your never hungry anymore. You get morning sickness, when you throwup frequently, and when your period stops.

Im 9 weeks pregnant but dont feel pregnant anymore is this possible?

It is possible not to feel that way. As long as you do not experience any bleeding of any sort then you should be fine. You may not "feel" pregnant anymore if your symptoms are going away or you may just be getting used to the feelings/symptoms of being pregnant and are not as noticeable to you anymore.

If had a miscarriage 7 weeks ago at 7 weeks pregnant but you still feel the same am bloated constantly could you still be pregnant?

If the doctor examined you after the miscarriage you are not pregnant anymore. He would've caught it. It takes several weeks for the hormones to settle so that might be it or you are pregnant again.

Does two periods mean pregnancy?

No. When a woman becomes pregnant, she will not have a period anymore.

You are still getting your period and you are pregnant?

not possible, you either get your periods or you are pregnant (you don't get periods anymore through out pregnancy)

Is missed period have a meaning of pregnancy?

Yes, when you are pregnant you don't menstruate anymore so it is a sign that you might be pregnant.

Is bleeding and cramping 9 weeks into pregnancy normal?

no its not and if you are then i dont think your pregnant anymore

Why should a pregnant woman not take harmful substances during pregnancy?

Because it's not about you anymore.

Can you And how do you know if your having a miscarriage within 1 to 4 weeks of being pregnant Im not feeling pregnant anymore is that normal?

sweety you are still so early pregnant you can not have a miscarrieg that soon into a pregnancy are just probably scarred and 1 to 4 weeks is not alot of time to feel like you are pregnant...and when you have miscarriage you will know it hunni you will have alot of bleeding out of your vigina and a little thing will come out telling you that im sorry but that's your baby..You cant though have a miscarriage that soon.The above answer is wrong. Yes you can have a miscarriage that soon. The majority of miscarriages happen so early the woman doesn't notice. You will also not see a embryo since they are too small that early. The hormones take a few weeks to settle so a pregnancy test will show positive for a little while longer.

When you have a ectopic pregnancy and it bursts and they cut your tubes off can you get pregnant after that?

No. Because your ovaries are not connected to your uterus anymore.

Can cramping be pregnancy sign?

No, it does not mean your pregnant there is lots of signs that give you cramps so no it does not mean your pregnant, i bet not answer anymore its between you and ur husband or boyfriend.

Can you experience pregnancy symptoms if you are scared and nervous that you may be and ONLY experiencing them because your nervous about being pregnant?

Well, worrying can cause nausea and fatigue, and stress can affect your hormones and sometimes make your period late. But if you've had sex, there is a chance of pregnancy. The best thing to do is get tested. That way, if you are pregnant, you won't have to worry anymore. Sometimes the worry is worse than the reality.

Is it the beginning of a miscarriage when you are 3 to 4 weeks pregnant and get a pinkish spot when you wipe and then the next morning you don't feel pregnant anymore due to all symptoms are gone?

It is very common to have "implantation" spotting or bleeding. I have three children and have had a pinkish wipe for two or three days with two out of my three babies. Hope all goes well!

Taken deppo for only 6months how long will it take to get pregnant when not getting the shot anymore?

That is a very broad timetable. Some girls get pregnant right away, though others can't get pregnant for years. Also, because the uterine lining gets broken down, it may be harder to maintain a pregnancy. My husband and I got pregnant after being off the depo. I only took 1 shot and was off for four months before getting pregnant and at 6 weeks I had a miscarriage. This was my second miscarriage and i believe the baby was somehow detached from the uterine lining, possibly because it was too weak to support the growing fetus.

Is it still possible to have pregnancy symptoms after a miscarriage?

It is possible as you may have been carrying twins and only one has miscarried. If the symptoms continue for long take a pregnancy test and/or ask to have an ultrasound. I would ignore the first answer. I had a miscarriage and my pregnancy symptoms continued for a week. The reason being that it takes time for all the pregnancy hormones to go down. I would ask for an ultrasound as well as getting a blood test. Speak to your doctor. God bless i have just had a silent miscarriage at 9 weeks and my baby died 8 weeks and 3 days. i had a d&e at 9 weeks and 1 day. it is now 13 days after the operation and i am still experiencing pregnancy symptoms. until the hcg level reaches 0 or your body realises it isn't pregnant anymore it is very common to have these symptoms for up to about 4 weeks depending how far along you were. This will disappear before you ovulate or have your next period which is anythin from 2 to 6 weeks. On the other hand it has been known to be carrying twins and miscarry one of them however unless you have an ultrasound and blood tests you will not know if this is the case. This happened when i was having my daughter and the hospital told me i had miscarried the pregnancy. My daughter is now 12 years of age and she is fine. I hope all goes well for you and i know it's hard but please remember that everything happens for a reason, we may not get to khnow what that reason is and may search for answers for a long while, i know i do but take care,Blessed Be

Its 34 day after your 1st day of period and you are seeing brown spotting you have had brown spotting before your period start in past and also your period has started on day 34 Could you be pregnant?

The same thing happened to me except instead of day 34 it was day 31. I seemed to have symptoms of pregnancy, but all of that happened. My answer is no. This is not a pregnancy (or isn't anymore).

Is it possible to have a period one last time in the early stage of pregnancy?

It is possible to have a period all the way through pregnancy, but it may also mean you are not pregnant anymore. If you are worried, visit your doctor

If Drinking a lot of alcohol at 9 weeks pregnant can it cause miscarriage?

If you do it just once probably not and you will cause fetal damage if you continue. But most women do something before they know they are pregnant and everything work out fine. Just don't do it anymore.