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If you talk a lot and people start saying they have stuff to do and they just keep nodding.

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Q: How can you tell if you are annoying?
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What do you do when a person is really annoying?

tell them they are really annoying

How do you know if you are annoying?

If people again and again tell you that you are annoying or tell you to go away then you are annoying! if you are annoying your friends (if you have any) will tell you and probably leave you right after, because you are annoying. if you are unfortunate enough to have no friends, that may be a reason too

How do you get your annoying friend to get away from you?

tell them that you dont want to be friends anymore because they are annoying or if you like them and they are just annoying tell them that they are annoying and need to stop or you wont be their frend anymore HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!!!

What to do if your friend is really annoying and you dont want to be her friend anymore but cant tell her or your friends or family?

If you really care for your friend, tell him/her that he/she is annoying and it is bad to be annoying, people will not talk to you. Continue to tell him/her that she/he is annoying you and if she/he continues to be like that you can't carry on with your friendship.

What do you do if your girlfriend is annoying?

Ignore her...Or find a way to stop her from being annoying. Though why is she your girlfriend if she's annoying? Agreed with the above answer. Why are you going out with her if she is annoying? What is she doing to be annoying? Why don't you tell her that she's annoying? Things to think about.

How do you get rid of an annoying person who can't take a hint?

just tell em their annoying

How do you use annoying in a sentence?

My sister and brother are annoying.

How do you stop an annoying sister?

tell her to shut up. Or tell your parents..

How do you dump annoying guy?

Tell him to get lost.

Is Kelly Gilbert annoying?

Yes (do not tell her)

How can i stop a girl fron being annoying?

If the girl is a friend of yours the best way is to tell her that she can be annoying.

How do you run away from your annoying friends?

Running away won't do you and your annoying friends any good. Tell them how you feel and why you feel that way. If friends agree with you, tell them to join you in telling your annoying friends. Be nice and express what you feel like.

If your friend is getting annoying how should you tell her off Should I tell her to stop annoying me around and get her own life?

Is she just annoying or is that you really don't like her? If it's just annoyance, and you still want her as a friend, just tell her kindly that you need some space and tell her what about her is annoying you. That way she understands and realises it and you can still be friends. If you're really getting annoyed bt her and really don't wan't to be her friend you shouldn't tell anyy of your friends before you tell her because if you don't tell her she will just feel sad. Tell her face to face not on the phone though.

How do you deal with annoying persons?

Ignore them, If you can then tell them, unless you don't want to hurt their feelings telling them they are annoying is a good suggestion. Or be annoying back, making them stop speaking to you is sure to stop them being so ANNOYING.

How do you deal with an annoying dad?

Tell him he's a boob

How do you stop a brother annoying you?

you just tell your mom.

What to do if your sister is annoying you about food?

tell her to go do it by your self

What do you do if you like a girl but you were annoying and now she doesn't like you?

well theres lots of ways around this you could... tell her your sorry. tell her that when your being annoying for her to tell you so that way you no when to stop or forget about her and find a different girl.

What should you do if your friend is so stupid and annoying?

Well, first of all, you might want to talk to him or her about it. Tell him or her that you find them annoying, and tell them what it is that annoys you. Also, try putting yourself in your friend's shoes. Try to see if you are actually doing it deliberately or maybe if he or she might have issues. If he or she is only annoying for a silly reason, such as an annoying laugh, it isn't them who is being annoying, it is YOU for being so shallow and cliquish.

What should i do about my annoying brother?

Tell him to please go away.

What to do if your older sister is getting you in trouble?

tell her your annoying trust me

What should a person do about an annoying person who won't leave them alone?

Well you ask them to let you have some space or tell someone (maybe the annoying person's parents) that the said annoying person is a stalker.

What do you do if your brother is extremely annoying all the time?

You should tell your parent's about it if that dosen't work tell him that you wil never talk to him if he keeps being soooooo annoying works with my bitchy youger stupid brother.

How do you get rid of someone annoying?

tell them to eat their sundaas(potty) tell them to eat their snooki.

How do you deal with annoying siblings?

Maybe try to find them something to do when they are getting to annoying or tell them u will buy them something if they are good.

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