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How to tell if you have a CD burner:
  • The easiest way is to look at the computer from the outside, if you see a CD-Drive with "CD-RW" or "CD-R" then you have a CD burner
  • You can right click with mouse on any folder go down to send to it will have, your CD ROM to send to,if it don't then you don't have a CD burner on you computer.
  • Also you can click on your start menu then click on My Computer, this will open a new window. This will have a list of the following, that is actually on you computer, your HardDrive(s) (usually your C drive), 3 1/2 FloppyDrive, CD Drive(s), Printer, Scanner, USB Port/Removable Disk, and some folders. If your CD drive is titled either CD-RAM Drive, CD-R Drive, CD-RW Drive, DVD-RAM Drive, DVD-R, or DVD-RW then you can burn CD's.


CD stands for compact disc and is used to store picture files, text/word files, audio files, webpage files, pdf files, short video files, and folders of any of these types of files among many others. DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc (formerly Digital Video Disc) and can store what CD's plus some file types (formats) that CD's can not. DVD's can contain much larger amounts of data and the quality of the data when used directly from one, versus copying the data to your computer and using it without the CD/DVD, than that of a CD. Usually we use DVD's for movies, like the one you rent or buy and put in you DVD player, and for games that are very high quality like 3-d games. A Drive is a piece of hardware that stores files or runs software that stores files. In other words, you CD Drive is like a CD player for your computer. The R in CD's and DVD's stands for recordable. If you have a CD-R Drive or DVD-R Drive you can record /write/burn files to it but only once; you must make sure that you put a CD-R or DVD-R (the disc that will contain your music or other files) in the CD-R or DVD-R Drive. RW on the CD or DVD stands for rewritable and this means that the disc can be re-burned/re-recorded/rewrote multiple times. If your CD Drive or DVD Drive is titled CD-RW, CD-RAM, DVD-RW or DVD-RAM you can record those types of discs. You can use a DVD-RW Drive or DVD-RAM to record/burn and even re-burn CD's, but CD-RW Drives and CD-RAM Drives can not burn DVD's.

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i have a vista hp pavilion slimline do I have a burner in it?

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Q: How can you tell if you have a CD burner on your computer?
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How can you tell if your CD burner is working?

Try to burn a CD. If it doesn't work, then your CD burner doesn't work.

Is the CD burner a program that deletes a Cd's songs?

No but brad will tell you what it is

How do you burn MP3s and MP4s from a computer to discs?

You have to have a CD burner on your computer. And if you don't have a program to burn cds go to and type in CD burner programs.

What year did the very first computer with a CD burner come out in?

In 1995 CD-ROM burner drives were made available on computers. CD-ROM burners can be internal or external drives on a computer.

Can a your computer CD burner burn out if you use it a lot?

A computer CD burner is, at a basic level, a laser diode. Just like a light bulb, these diodes can burn out.

What is a CD burner?

A CD burner is usually installed in a computer tower though some other electronics have them installed. A CD burner is used to put music, documents, programs, or pictures onto a disc.

Do you have a CD burner?

I do, thanks for asking. No, you can't borrow it. If you're trying to determine if YOU have a CD burner, usually looking at the front of it will tell you.

How can you tell if you have a DVD burner on your computer?

Most modern computers have a CD and DVD drive that is capable of reading, writing and burning data. You can tell if you have a DVD burner on your computer by inserting a blank disc into the drive. If a prompt appears asking you to burn a disc, it means your computer can burn data for you.

Why is windows unable to complete a format of a CD-rw disc?

Most likely, your computer is not a CD-RW burner, so it can play it, but not edit things on it. My suggestion, put it into a CD-RW burner or DVD Player with burner, then try again.

What part of the computer do you put the action replay code manager in?

You have to put it in the CD burner or if you have iTunes its where you download a CD

Why DVD burner can't burn CD but can burn DVD?

because it is a DVD burner, not a CD burner

What is c d writer?

CD writer = CD burner, is a computer drive that allow you to storage(burn/write) stuff on a CD or DVD disc

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