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Usually there will be a very loud rhytmic knocking sound coming from the block (entire engine) and sometimes through the exhaust in time with the rise of one piston. The engine will have an uneaven speed when cranking, but may or may not make noise until running. You will have a noticable loss of power and may have other complications if the piston is contacting the head or valves. Only a good mechanic can tell you whether you have a spun bearing, valve train problems, rod knock, broken rings, etc. so I would recommend that you have a reputable shop do a free inspection before jumping to conclusions. Good luck!

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How can you tell if you have spun a bearing in a small block Chevy?

That would require you to take the engine apart and inspect all the engine bearings to know for sure. It would be easy to notice a spun bearing.

Can you push on pistons and tell if you got spun bearings on a small block Chevy?

Not really. The sure tell is to pull the pan and start taking off rod and main caps.

Supercharger on the 3800 motor rattles?

This is almost always indicative of wear in the bearings that support the ends of the s/c shaft. It is about the only thing that goes wrong with the s/c - which is generally a good unit. Some shops will tell you that you must replace the whole thing - they are either lazy, incompetent or trying to take your money. There are places that will change the bearings on the shaft and it is fairly straightforward to do and not terribly expensive. The only trick is that GM will tell them the bearings are not available. This is when a good shop will take the bad bearing out and source the part themselves from a bearing supply specialist. I know an owner of a well established used car dealership who stocks a few of these bearings all the time and if he gets a s/c 3800 car in, he is all set to do a bearing swap with no fuss and little labour just to be sure his customers are kept happy.

What would cause a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix with a 3800 motor to lose coolant inside the motor?

usually that problem is caused by a leaking head gasket. The only way to find out is to have a mechanic do a leak down test on all cylinders. This will tell you which cylinder is leaking.

1988 delta Oldsmobile 3800 motor can you bypass the ac unit with the belt?

yes just buy the belt for it and tell them it has no air and use the routing diagram under the hood for the one without air

What is the difference between C2 and C3 bearings?

plz tell me rite answer??

How can you tell when your wheel bearings need replacing?

You can tell when your wheel bearings need replacing is when they are making unusual noises. For example: squealing, groaning, chirping or cracking noises. If this happens, get it checked out right away.

How can you tell a 350 motor from a 305 motor?

by the dispacement

What is preload reset when replacing front wheel bearings on a 4x4?

if you find out tell me what preload is

How do you tell if the rod bearings are oversized?

The bearing size is stamped into each bearing halve.

How to tell if i Spun bearings in Chevy?

take the oil filter off. CAREFULLY cut the top of the filter off, remove the filter element, and cut it to stretch is out. if you see 'metal flakes' in the filter element or in the bottom of the filter case itself, chances are you have a bad bearing. the oil will look like 'metallic paint'. hope this helps!!!

How do you change the front wheel bearings on a 2002 Chevy 3500 truck?

sorry to have to tell you this but the bearings are part of the wheel hub and sealed within. you need to change the entire hub. $$$$$$$

How much does it cost to replace Nissan maxima ball bearings?

cars have lots of bearings rod, mains, in the engine and the suspension has wheel bearings also first you have 2 know wich ones r the problem then i can tell u

How do you tell if a motor is rebuildable?

by the crankshaft.pulley

How can you tell if your wheel bearings are bad?

Noise is the most telltale sign of bad wheel bearings. Specifically, a rumbling or growling noise while the car is moving, often louder during turns at a low speed, indicates that the bearings need repair or replacement.

How cranking motor of automobile works?

tell me

The vin is 15avd62h0g7gd00032 tell me about it?

what info is on this motor

How do you make a toy car have a motor 2 1.5 volt battery and a switch need to make it as fast as possible someone please tell us how to connect the battery motor and switch and strategies?

I would suggest that you connect all components in series. That is, + of the first battery to - of the second. + of that battery to the switch and the second terminal of the switch to the motor. The last wire from the motor back to the - of the first battery. To reverse direction of the motor just swap the leads. There are many factors that will also affect speed such as how the motor is connected to the wheels, type of bearings, even the width and diameter of the wheels. Good luck and have fun!

How do you tell what size motor in Ford F-250?

what is the size of motor of Fordf250 1996

Can you take your vehicle to the shop one month and they tell youn there is absolutely nothing wrong with the vehicle and one month later your bearings have now gone bad.?

Bearings where, motor, wheel ? In either case, they can go bad that quickly and without notice. Sometimes things just happen. Engine bearings go almost immediately with no oil. Blocked oil passage or bad oil pump will do it. A wheel bearing can have been dry for a while without making noise and then seize up. You could also be being scammed. Engine bearings will knock if only a little bad and a wheel bearing will squeal or lock the wheel.

How do you tell if motor is bad?

The motor needs to be diagnosed to find the exact problem . If the cost of repairs is more than a replacement, then the motor is deemed bad.

How can you tell the front bearings are going out on a 2000 grand am?

"clicking" when taking turns -- indicates CV joint is going bad

How do you tell from the serial number what year mercury outboard motor was manufactured?

i have a mercury outboard motor the serial# is G034632

How do you tell if sunroof motor for 97 grand prix is bad?

unplug motor run fused jumper from batt and touch to two wire plug on motor

How much horse power does a suzuki sidekick have?

depends on what motor 80 to 120. 8v 16v? tell year, and what motor 8v and 16v and will tell flywheel brake horse power.