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How can you tell if your a 19 year old woman dating a 30 year old man if he really wants to be with you or is trying to use you because he thinks your young and dumb?

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2007-09-30 23:02:35

Even as men get older they still have there own mind set, and in

his eyes you are the same age as him, but you may not ready for an

older mental out look. If he love you, you will know it. belive it

or not you are in control. Men think differently if you know what I

mean. Answer: You make it seem like he's trying to rush you into

sex. Years ago, I think girls were advised to slow down the

relationship if they thought the guy was just using them for sex,

to see if the guy still wanted to be with her if there was little

or no sex, or maybe just kissing,or petting. Maybe you've partly

got the answer already, when you wonder if he thinks you're young

and dumb. I think if he thinks you're young and dumb, he'll treat

you as if you're young and dumb.

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