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If he doesnt try to hard to impress you. if he is just acting normal around you. but a little attention is bad either!

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Q: How can you tell if your boyfriend really does love you?
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How do you tell you boyfriend you need him to stay?

Tell him that you love him and you really care about him

Did your boyfriend love you?

Well to really tell that he loves you is if he says it!

How can you tell if your boyfriend likes you?

he does not really like you until he says i love you

Should you tell him that your boyfriend that you love him?

if he tells you he loves you & if you really mean it .

How much does you boyfriend love you?

he should tell he loves you if he really loves you

What do you do if you love someone but they have a boyfriend they love?

Well if you really do truly love this person, you should tell him/her. They may have a boyfriend, but maybe they secretly like you too. You should at least tell your true feelings to them.

How do you tell your boyfriend you love his dog?

Just be like I think your dog is really cool.

When to tell your boyfriend you love him?

when he or you share a really personal thing with them or you just made out or had sex

My boyfriend is very defensive and protective. He threw his friend 3ft away just for me. I really love him for that and he really wants to be the best boyfriend he can be. How do I show him I love him?

tell him after he protects you. good luck

What do you tell your boyfriend when he ask you why you love him?

If you truly love him, it shouldn't be that hard. Tell him how you really feel. Obviously you have a reason for loving him so if he asks then tell him the truth.

How do you prove to your boyfriend that you really trust him?

if you are really in love with him. tell him for one night he could do any one thing with or to you.

What is the easiest way to tell your boyfriend you love him?

you tell him you love him

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