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How can you tell if your butt is fat or muscle?

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It is going to be fat on top of muscle, on top of pelvis. To find out how thick the fat is, just grab a handful of skin and the fat will be attached to it. To feel the muscle below the skin & fat, just flex the muscles of your bum and you'll feel the muscles contract (imagine someone's about to give you a wedgie and you reflexively contract your whole bum - that's the flex I'm takling about).

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Is a butt mostly muscle or fat?


Does a butt weigh more than breasts?

yes, it is scientifically proven that the butt due to the muscle and combined fat that it weighs more than boobs. Boobs are just fat as the butt is more muscle with added fat.

Is your butt just made of fat?

Actually it's the biggest muscle in the body, and if a person works out, then there probably be that much fat on it. But most of the butt is muscle and tissue.

What is your butt made of?

Fat tissue, muscle, and skin. Not in that order.

Can you break your butt?

no, you cant, as your butt is mostly muscle and fat. you can, however, break your tailbone, or ccocyx.

Can you brake your butt?

No the butt is not a bone it is muscle and fat tissue. You can however break your tail bone which is directly above your butt

If your butt jiggels when you shake it does that mean you have a butt?

Everybody has a butt. The butt is just your gluteus maximus muscle. The jiggling is from the fat on top of the muscles.

Is there any way a girl can get her butt bigger?

Sure you can, there's a few different ways. Fat: You can get fat from what you eat but you will get fat everywhere unless you research witch foods will specifically add fat to your breasts and well as butt. Muscle: Looks really good to see a girl with a butt of muscle. The butt muscle is called the "glute" one for each butt obviously. Do things like squats to get a lot of muscle on your butt. You now your butt got bigger when it feels sore... Because you hurt your butt by working out and your body will make it bigger so next time you won't get hurt, there for you must work out harder each time your butt gets sore. Overall, I'd say a little bit of fat on a butt looks okay, but it's not long before too much fat and your butt (and boobs, belly, etc) get wrinkly, which is gross. So, a little fat is nice, but mostly muscle, and do sit ups if you want to flatten your stomach so your butt would stick out better.

How do you tell muscle and fat apart?

You can easily tell muscle and fat apart by looking at them and touching the specific area of skin. Muscle is strong and hard, whereas fat is soft and flabby.

Does running make your butt smaller or bigger?

neither. it strengthens the muscles in your butt. which could mean a smaller butt for fatter people since building muscle lowers fat cells' sizes, and could mean a bigger butt for skinner body types because there is no fat, and the muscle is building.

Is butt muscle a better cushion than butt fat?

no. because fat is usually softer than your muscles even though your muscles are often soft

Is Shakira double jointed in the butt?

No. There is no butt joint, it is muscle tissue and fat. In fact, nothing can be biologically double jointed.

Does running help make your butt smaller?

Depends if your butt is fat or muscle-if its fat-then aerobic exercise along with low fat diet will reduce size. If muscle-avoid those muscle building exercises that focus on buttocks-ie cycling, stairmaster etc-opt for running, treadmill,rowers,etc

How can you make your butt bigger with no procedures?

Gain muscle in you butt by doing leg lifts. Then eat lots of food, but workout your body everywhere except you butt, so that the fat from the food does make you fat all the way, just your butt.

Is a butt fat or muscle?

You're buttocks is a muscle. Much like most of our bodies, it's covered up by a layer of fat. Good news is you control how much fat surrounds your booty.

How do you reduce your butt muscles when squats are only making them bigger?

build muscle somewhere else! that muscle will burn the fat on your but.

Does doing squats and kickbacks make your butt smaller or bigger?

you burn fat, make muscle... makes your but cheeks firmer!

Why do some butt exercises make your butt smaller rather than big?

Because of the size of that exact muscle! You see, gluteus maximus or rear end muscles are the biggest ones in your body, and the bigger the muscle, the larger calorie burn (or fat-burn). Yes, it says calories! Calories=ass fat!

What is the glutes muscle?

Your ass(butt) muscle

When you starve what muscle goes first?

Well, fat will go first. Then excess muscle will begin to go. (Thighs, butt, and breasts.) After that, the stomach and calves and upper arms will get thinner.

Does shaken your butt make it fat?

Shaking your butt doesn't make it fatter, in fact it's mild exercise. What shaking your butt does do though, is wobble the fat on your butt. Because I have quite a lot of fat on my buttocks, my butt will wobble a lot more when I shake it than someone with less butt fat.

Can you build muscle over fat?

no its not impossible to build muscle over fat, but it is impossible to change ur fat into muscle. Fat and muscle are completely different things therefore you cannot change fat into muscle. You can build muscle over fat though. Just do cardio to lose fat

Is fat muscle?

no. fat is lighter than muscle

Is your buttcheek a muscle?

yes your butt cheek is a muscle

Will distilled water change fat into muscle?

No, fat cannot turn into muscle and muscle cannot turn into fat.