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It is going to be fat on top of muscle, on top of pelvis. To find out how thick the fat is, just grab a handful of skin and the fat will be attached to it. To feel the muscle below the skin & fat, just flex the muscles of your bum and you'll feel the muscles contract (imagine someone's about to give you a wedgie and you reflexively contract your whole bum - that's the flex I'm takling about).

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Q: How can you tell if your butt is fat or muscle?
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Is a butt mostly muscle or fat?


Does a butt weigh more than breasts?

yes, it is scientifically proven that the butt due to the muscle and combined fat that it weighs more than boobs. Boobs are just fat as the butt is more muscle with added fat.

Is your butt just made of fat?

Actually it's the biggest muscle in the body, and if a person works out, then there probably be that much fat on it. But most of the butt is muscle and tissue.

What is your butt made of?

Fat tissue, muscle, and skin. Not in that order.

Can you break your butt?

no, you cant, as your butt is mostly muscle and fat. you can, however, break your tailbone, or ccocyx.

Can you brake your butt?

No the butt is not a bone it is muscle and fat tissue. You can however break your tail bone which is directly above your butt

How do you tell muscle and fat apart?

You can easily tell muscle and fat apart by looking at them and touching the specific area of skin. Muscle is strong and hard, whereas fat is soft and flabby.

Is there any way a girl can get her butt bigger?

Sure you can, there's a few different ways. Fat: You can get fat from what you eat but you will get fat everywhere unless you research witch foods will specifically add fat to your breasts and well as butt. Muscle: Looks really good to see a girl with a butt of muscle. The butt muscle is called the "glute" one for each butt obviously. Do things like squats to get a lot of muscle on your butt. You now your butt got bigger when it feels sore... Because you hurt your butt by working out and your body will make it bigger so next time you won't get hurt, there for you must work out harder each time your butt gets sore. Overall, I'd say a little bit of fat on a butt looks okay, but it's not long before too much fat and your butt (and boobs, belly, etc) get wrinkly, which is gross. So, a little fat is nice, but mostly muscle, and do sit ups if you want to flatten your stomach so your butt would stick out better.

Is butt muscle a better cushion than butt fat?

no. because fat is usually softer than your muscles even though your muscles are often soft

Does running make your butt smaller or bigger?

neither. it strengthens the muscles in your butt. which could mean a smaller butt for fatter people since building muscle lowers fat cells' sizes, and could mean a bigger butt for skinner body types because there is no fat, and the muscle is building.

Is Shakira double jointed in the butt?

No. There is no butt joint, it is muscle tissue and fat. In fact, nothing can be biologically double jointed.

How can you tell a moth is pregnant?

if the butt is really big

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Is your butt just made of fat?

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