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If you mean loose/broken motor mounts, here is a way to check. Uou'll need a helper for this, open the hood,start the engine, put the vehicle in drive and step on both the gas and the brake, now carefully have the helper look at the engine and see if it moves upwards/sideways, if it does your engine its most likely loose. also if when you acelerate you hear a noise under the hood, that may be another sign.

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Q: How can you tell if your car engine is loose?
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Could your car stall from a loose spark plug?

If you have a loose spark plug, your car will not stall unless maybe your engine has 3 cylinders. If you have a 6 or 8 cylinder engine you would just loose some power and your engine would run a little rough.

Can your car engine belt squeal because its to loose?


Will a loose engine mount cause the engine to fall out?

A loose engine mount would not normally cause the engine to fall out because each car has several motor mounts. A loose mount could cause the motor to be off of balance.

Why would car engine stop when hitting a bump?

You have a loose electrical connection.

Would a loose distributor cause your car to not start?

Yes, a loose distributor can rotate so that the ignition timing for the engine is lost.

What would cause a tapping noise in a car engine in a Nissan Maxima?

loose exhaust

How can you tell if your car engine has seized?

It will not turn over.

What causes a car to start to shake and loose power?

The engine of the car may need to be cleaned or your oil may need to be changed.

Can you look up your VIN on your car to tell you about your engine?

yes the 8th digit of the vin on American cars will tell you the engine size.

How can I tell what engine I have by the serial number if I don't have the vin?

By car model and year was built.

How can you tell if a car engine block is cracked?

call a machanic

What would cause rattling from the front end of your car when your driving?

It could be a loose radiator grill, license plate holder or similar. It could be a loose cap in the engine compartment or even a problem with the engine.

How do you remove the engine oil pan from a 2003 Chevy Astrovan?

I have removed all bolts, but cannot pry it loose from engine. Please someone tell me how to pull it loose. Thanks so much. Art

How can you tell if a rocker arm has come loose or broken on a 4g63 non turbo engine?

The main indicator of a broken or loose rocker arm in any engine is a loud knocking or rattling sound. It can also cause smoke and the engine to run roughly.

Will a loose negative battery cable cause an engine to die while driving?

On some car yes it will.

How can you tell if the engine is on or off in my Prius?

If you push the gas and the car goes, its on.

How can you tell when a car is accelerating?

The engine usually gets louder? Shift+/

Is selling a car with the engine light on illegal?

No, as long as you tell the buyer it is on.

How can you tell your car engine is weak?

when it doesn't start right away.

How can you tell if a car has a transverse engine?

If engine and transmission are positioned left to right as opposed to front to back.

Corsa 1.2 16v GLS engine typesingle or DOHC?

what is abbrevition GLS when tell about car engine

Can a Cadillac converter cause a car to run hot?

yes, if the Cadillac converter is not working properly it can cause you to loose power and may in the future cause you to loose your engine.

Will a loose gas cap cause your car to stall?

no but in most late models your check engine light come on

How do you tell if your lifters are bad in your car?

In most cases, you can tell that your lifters are bad, in your car engine, by the ticking noise. A bad lifter will make a tapping sound.

How do you tell the size of your engine?

it should be writen on your car if not ask your local car dealer where you brought it from rajan singh