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There will be bumps in the cartilage near the piercing. It is better to be pierced with a needle.

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Q: How can you tell if your cartilage has been shattered by a piercing?
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Is it okay if you take your cartilage ear piercing out for one night?

There isn't a definite way to tell

Is it safe to change a cartilage piercing after seven and a half weeks?

yes they should tell you after the piercing and thank you for using answers .com --Wait a bit longer to wear acrylics in it though.

How can you tell if your dermal piercing is infected?

If there is pus in the piercing, and the skin is very red, it is infected.

How long does it take a belly piercing to heal after it has been taken out?

No way to tell. Depends oh how old it is and how your body heals.

What do you do if you haven't cleaned your ear cartilage piercing like you should have now it's pussing and a fluid-filled knot formed around the piercing... what do you do?

You most likely have an should go to a professional piercer first, they'll tell you what they think...dont take the earing out even if you go to the doctor and they tell you too dont take it out. ask for some antibiotic and from the piercer info on what to do

Can an 11 year old get a industrial bar piercing?

The answer to this question depends on the parents point of view. Many ppl may think that piercings are inappropriate but i have a cartilage piercing and one in my earlobes and a second hole on both ears, and i have straight A's and i am on the honor society. I am 13! If your kid is responsible and a good child, let them get the piercing. If you are worried about your child not caring for it, or you are unsure if they really want it, tell them that they have to pay half of the cost! Hope this helped! Happy * possible* Piercing!

Does it hurt when you get your cartilage pierced?

It really doesn't hurt very bad. But when its pierced you will hear a good "pop" or "crunch" sound (which most piercing junkies like myself think is funny) My advice though is to make sure to have it pierced in a tattoo or piercing parlor which uses one use sterilized needles NOT a piercing gun. It will hurt less and heal much, much better. What most shops that use piercing guns probably wont tell you is that the gun is actually not intended for any piercing other than lower lobe.

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Contact you local body piercing studios, they will tell you what the age requirements are for your area.

How do you tell your parents you want a piercing?

ask them how they feel about piercings before you start to ask about you getting a piercing done

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Call your local professional body piercing studios, they will tell you what the age requirements are for the piercing you are interested in getting and they will also tell you what documentation is required from parents if you are under age.

How do you tell if a tongue piercing is infected?

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