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How can you tell if your catalytic converter is bad in a 1989 Chevy S10?


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That can be difficult to answer. The symptoms can mimic other problems such as a plugged fuel filter, or a faulty coil. Do this with the windows down, and all accessories (blower motor, radio, etc.) turned off. Drive down a quiet street in your neighborhood, or if you can find it, a deserted street. Stop the vehicle, and then apply moderate acceleration. The truck should accelerate normally, but after a few seconds, it seems to lose power, and if you can hear a hissing coming from the seams of the exhaust, (because of all the built up pressure) then there is a good chance you do have a clogged converter. Some shops use a by-pass pipe temporarily to diagnose this problem. Not a cheap one either, that is for sure.


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Upstream would be before the catalytic converter. Downstream would be after the catalytic converter.

replace sensor,catalytic converters smell like rotten eggs when going bad

Take it to your local salvage yard and they will offer you a salvage price for the converter.

Oxygen sensors go in the exhaust pipes. There should be one before the catalytic converter and one after so that the computer can tell how well the catalytic converter is working.

YES ! as soon as the engine was started , you would notice how noisy it was The catalytic converter(s) are in the exhaust system before the muffler , and removing the catalytic convertor just leaves an open exhaust pipe - extremely loud

Bank 1 is the exhaust pipe on the drivers side of the engine, and the other side is bank 2

i think it's something like 3-5 years. if not have a look on the website u got the catalytic car from and that should tell you.

Yes, It will tell you bank 1 or 2 then sensor 1 or 2 ...Bank 1 is the exhaust pipe coming from the side of the engine with cylinder 1. Sensor 1 is before the catalytic converter, and sensor 2 is after the catalytic converter.

Loss of power, poor fuel mileage, converter gets red hot, possibly check engine light will come on.

You have poorn gas milage and when you step on the pedal your car has no power. You can tell mainly by it not having enough power

Bank 1 Sensor 2 is located on the Right Hand Bank - After the catalytic converter. Meaning its on the bank closest to the firewall and after the catalytic converter. Call any Mitsubishi dealer and they will tell you where its @.

have it scaned by a snapon computer it will tell the bad one

yes it can you can usually tell if your converter is bad by two ways if your car is running and the converter gets red hot or if the car is cool and you hit the converter and here stuff raddle inside

The one before the catalytic converter will cost around $40-$65. The one after the catalytic converter will cost around $75 to $100. It also depends on if you have a 4 cylinder or V6. Any auto parts store can tell you the exactly cost.

most of the time you will smell a rotten egg smell if its bad, or if you hear a rattling noise coming from your exhaust

Yes, but you must tell the potential buyer that it is missing. That it may be illegal to drive the vehicle without it.

The rear oxygen sensor looks at the percentage of oxygen in the exhaust after it has passed through the catalytic convertor. The computer compares this with the reading from the front sensor to tell if the catalytic converter is working correctly.

Hey you can go to and they will tell you how to replace a catalytic converter. If that doesn't help then go to and disco mike has answered it for you there also.

Bad Gas milege Gives a rattling sound if it breaks down Car stops running if it is totally blocked

Loss of power, poor fuel mileage, converter getting red hot, and a blowing sound from the exhaust.

If you have an owners manual, it will tell you in that.

The o2 sensor behind the cat helps tell the computer if the cat is doing its job or not

shine a flashlight inside or hold it up to light to see if there is a honeycomb inside. if there is no honeycomb inside, it contains no platinum.

on my lancer there are 2 fitted, i found them both at the parts bin online, but i am not sure how you tell which one is no good

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