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She will be mean to you, and try to make you jealous

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Q: How can you tell if your ex-girlfriend still likes you?
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What to do if this guy tell you he likes you and now he back with his exgirlfriend what should you do you need help?

he sounds like a jerk to me........cause no boy should ever tell a girl they like her and then get back with his exgirlfriend. Don't worry about it. He just wanted a girl by his side so he could get his exgirlfriend jealous. One way or another, he still have feelings for his exgirlfriend. I don't mean for you to get upset or anything, but its just the truth and your better off without him................just walk past him in the hall with your pride and he'll know that he messed with the wrong girl ;)

How can you tell if your ex still likes you?

You can tell if your ex still likes you when... he/she still calls you every day. Or they like to hang out with you alot. ll u

How do you tell if your ex girlfriend still likes you?

bum her and if she likes it u know

What should you do if you still love your ex but she has a boyfriend?

Tell her how you feel and ask who she likes. Or ask if she still likes you in her heart.

Why the the boyfriend doesnt want to tell exgirlfriend's name to his girlfriend?

He is probably just afraid that his exgirlfriend would get jellous and do some thing to his girlfriend, if she found out who his new girlfriend is.

How can you tell if a girl likes you after several dates?

If she is still agreeing to go out with you she probably likes you.

Does your exgirlfriend still like you?

It depends on why you or why she broke up with you. If you cheated - no If she cheated - maybe If you broke up with her for no apparent reason - yes If she broke with you - no

How do you tell a boy you like him 2 years later after you went with him?

Well i have been in that same situation, and i hinted at my exgirlfriend that i still liked her, then i called her and asked her back out. It worked.

What do you do when you really like him and you dont know if he still likes you?

what i do is get your friends to go ask him who he likes. if he likes you you call him or text him asking him out. you can also tell by the way he acts around you. if he smiles,talks,or do anything to get your attention still he likes you still.

How can you tell if someone still likes you?

Well you have to tell them how you feel and then later you ask them how they feel.

How can you tell your ex boyfriend if still like you?

They'll Still flirt With You and Call You N Try To Tell You He Loves/Likes You..

How do you know if a guy still likes his exgirlfriend right after you ask him?

The only way you would know if he still likes her is if he is constantly talking about her during the time of your relationship with this person. There are other ways he could still like her too. Still has her phone number, she keeps coming around him, stares at her most of the time, keeps anything of the past like pictures, gifts, etc. He would rather hang around a place where she is near. Here are some few suggestions, but there could be other reasons the only way to be really sure is to ask him out in the open about his exgirlfriend and if he still feels anything for her.

You want to tell if Your ex still likes you?

If you still have contact with that person and you are constantly talking to him/her.

How To Tell if your ex still likes you?

they will show signs of jealousy if they still like u.

How do you tell if your shy ex boyfriend still likes you?

Ask him

How do you tell if your x still likes you?

i wish i knew the answer to that =D

How can you tell if your ex boyfriend still likes you or not?

He probably doesn't

How do you tell if a girl still likes you?

You can tell if a girl likes you if she is interested in talking to you and her body language. When you're talking to her, watch and see how she reacts and how she responds.

What do you do if you like a guy but his exgirlfriend still likes him?

Answerwell i am in this fix aswell so i will tell you what i did, first try to talk to him and try to give space to the ex and if she wants to reuin life well slap her. but he might still like her so just be carefull at waht you do so play it smart!!!.

What do you do if your ex still likes you but you are friends?

you tell him/her that you are just friends. Or tell him/her that you only want to be friends

What happens if your boyfriend still likes his exgirlfriend?

You can talk to him about him liking his ex. It might be the case that he is missing her. If she does not come back you can give all your love to him.

How do I tell boyfriend's exgirlfriend she needs to stop trying to get him back?

you tell her "stop trying to get your ex back, its never going to happen."

How can you tell if your girl friend really likes you if she's bipolar and you can't tell if it's her bipolar talking or if it's actually her?

its still her. trust what she says. if she says she likes you - she does

How can you tell if your crush likes you when he has a tough guy reputation?

im still wondering that cause i do and i still get girlfriends

How can you tell if a guy still likes his ex?

because he will still text her and call her

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