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Well, a true friend is someone you are very close too, whether it's sexually, or whether your just best mates. A true friend doesn't laugh at you just because you have a pink coat or your gay. A true friend respects your opinions, and vice-versa.

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Q: How can you tell if your friend is a true friend?
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Does a true friend tell a secret that you tell them not to tell?

No. If they do, then they aren't your REAL friend.

What is a true friend?

You can tell a true friend anything and not have to worry about what they might think. A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

Is it a friend when she yell at you?

no it isn't because a true friend will likes you love you and everything but when she yell at you tell her or him that she/he is not a true friend :)

How do you tell if your friend is your true friend?

If you have a friend be happy about it and don't question the friendship.

How can you tell you have a true friend?

youll know...

How can you get a true friend?

tell a friend a fake seceret and see if it comes back to you

What do you do if your friend thinks you like her boyfriend who happens to be one of your best friends?

Tell her your a true friend and tell her the truth. Do you or do you not.

How can you tell true friendship?

you can tell that the friendship is true when u can trust your friend with all your secrets and if he/she is always there for you. As well as when your friend trusts you and never leaves you in tough times.

How do you tell a friend you like who he hates?

Just say it! A true friend will understand

Who is considered a true friend?

I think a true friend is someone who wants to hang out with you a lot. A true friend is someone you could tell anything you wouldn't tell to someone else. A true friend keeps your deepest secrets.

What is the difference between a good friend a bad friend a true friend and just a friend and how can you tell which is which?

A good friend is a good friend, a person who laughs with you not at you. A true friend is true to you and is like a sister and doesn't talk behind your back. A bad friend doesn't care for you and doesn't play with you at all even if they live by you. You can tell which is which by watching closely at every move they make and see if their true, just a friend, bad a good friend.

How can you tell people a rumor is not true?

Hey you can tell when a rumour is true when you find the sourse who it was if it was about you or your friend or enimie whatever person.

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