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Well, a true friend is someone you are very close too, whether it's sexually, or whether your just best mates. A true friend doesn't laugh at you just because you have a pink coat or your gay. A true friend respects your opinions, and vice-versa.


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No. If they do, then they aren't your REAL friend.

I think a true friend is someone who wants to hang out with you a lot. A true friend is someone you could tell anything you wouldn't tell to someone else. A true friend keeps your deepest secrets.

You can tell a true friend anything and not have to worry about what they might think. A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

no it isn't because a true friend will likes you love you and everything but when she yell at you tell her or him that she/he is not a true friend :)

If you have a friend be happy about it and don't question the friendship.

tell a friend a fake seceret and see if it comes back to you

Just say it! A true friend will understand

Tell her your a true friend and tell her the truth. Do you or do you not.

A good friend is a good friend, a person who laughs with you not at you. A true friend is true to you and is like a sister and doesn't talk behind your back. A bad friend doesn't care for you and doesn't play with you at all even if they live by you. You can tell which is which by watching closely at every move they make and see if their true, just a friend, bad a good friend.

you can tell that the friendship is true when u can trust your friend with all your secrets and if he/she is always there for you. As well as when your friend trusts you and never leaves you in tough times.

ask a couple of TRUE FRIENDS and if they are a true friend they will tell you the truth ...but you don't need a computer to answer this question ask yourself am i a true friend and you will definitely find the answer

Hey you can tell when a rumour is true when you find the sourse who it was if it was about you or your friend or enimie whatever person.

well you should ALWAYS tell the friend you trust the most. If you just tell any friend then she might just tell your crush that you like him. And if the friend that you trust tells him then she is not a great, trustworthy, or a true friend. Tell the people you TRUST!! That is the only way that he wont know.

Best friends put "Kick Me" signs on your back and true friends tell you its there.

just talk to your friend and tell her that if you were a true friend you would leave him alone.

You tell them... If you were true friend you would be honest with them. But if they don't believe you let them find out the hard way

Yes she is your friend and true friends tell each other things :)

To be a true best friend you have got to treat them nicely, don't hurt them, if you are in a problem tell them what it is and they could give you an advise. That would be a true best friend you trust in them and they also trust in you. They've got any problems you're there you're true best friend would be some one to laugh with, joke with ,talk with, tell them secrets,and have play dates with. That would be a true best friend.

Tell them that you don't and that your sorry if they don't believe you but that's the truth. If they still don't you can tell them that a true friend would trust you and that they clearly are not a true friend.

Perhaps one of the best indications of a friend is someone willing to tell you so when you are wrong. They may or not stand by you but they will tell you.

That depends on if it bothers you or not? If it does tell your friend. If she is a true friend then she'll respect your wishes and will stop seeing him.

* Tell the friend sorry. * And the person you told it to: "apparently it is not true" it should be okay and if it is not don't tell someone that your friend likes someone then you shouldn't have to worry.

A true best friend is someone you can trust and someone who treats you kindly and never lies to you. A best friend is someone you can depend on, someone who you can share your sad times with and your funny times with. A true best friend is someone you can tell anything to!

A true friend would never tell you what you wouldn't want to hear but they would tell you if its really serious like if someone threatened you but they would also not ask you to do stuf that's wrong

talk to her tell her that i am sorry for what ever i did. If she says nothing back she is not a true friend.

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