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Most of us have gone through an array of friends and some are worth hanging onto and others take you for granted or abuse your thoughtfulness or good heartiness. If someone is always laying their problems on you, but never takes the time to listen to any of your problems, hopes or dreams, then kick these ones to the curb. If they borrow money off you or crash at your place all the time get rid of them and learn to say the word "NO!". If they flirt with your boyfriend (if you have one.) If they constantly get you into trouble with something you are not comfortable doing then these are not friends. All our lives we'll bump into the good and bad of people, and with age, so comes wisdom. We've all made mistakes and picked the wrong so-called friend, but we should learn from it. Remember to never change who you are if you are kind, generous and honestly care about your friends. I call it "cleaning out my closet" every couple of years. I look at some new friends I've made and if they are always asking something of me, but give little of their time to me I will just walk away from them. If one is gutsy enough to ask why they haven't seen me around I tell them the truth. Even with the truth most never get what a true friend is. Some people will come into your life for a few days, and some people will stay for awhile, while a few will be your friend for life. Each person (good/bad) makes an imprint on you and that's how we learn. I've had some good friends for well over 30 years, but just as my father told me when I was young, "If you can count on one hand good friends then consider yourself lucky." That's exactly what it's turned out to be. 5 good friends I'd trust with my life and, in turn they can trust me with theirs. Marcy

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Q: How can you tell if your friends don't really want to be your friends anymore and are just using you?
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