How can you tell if your guy friend is flirting with you?


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If you think that your close guy friend has a crush on you, think again. Sometimes he may, sometimes he may not. trust your gut and get out there and flirt back!

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Look at it the other way around. If he was with you but flirting with your friend. You should probably tell your friend.

There is no obvious way to tell If a guy is Gay- They might be flirting with other boys and checking them out. If they did like you they might do the same to you but it is their choice to tell you especaily as this is your friend.

Basically flirting is teasing a good tip is if you tell him that you friend fancies him (but don't tell him that its actually you) then that will get him to talk to you then enventually give in and tell him that you 'friend' who fancies him is actually you. that's serious flirting it worked for me because i am now married to that guy i did that to! good luck an remember carry on flirting and he will soon get the hint!

You know a guy is flirting with you when he always is messing around with you and when he is always asking for hugs. Or if he looks at you and smiles. You will be able to tell if he is flirting with you.

To get your best friend to stop flirting with you simply tell him to stop since you have a boyfriend.

You could start out with flirting.

If their puples expand, and if they wink at you!

She just likes him as a friend. If she liked him more then a friend, then she would be flirting a little. You would only be able to tell by the way she says it.

he could b flirting if he wrote alot of compliments to u

if your a guy and your friend is a girl how can you tell if she is in love with you?

Many show off as a form of flirting. If a guy does things in order to get your attention, he is doing both.

You say "I miss you, even if I was ignoring your flirting for awhile."

Can you tell if other guys are flirting with you? Nick's a guy, so I'm sure it wouldn't be much different than a lot of other guy's ways of flirting.

don't get mad at her right away tell her that you like him and ask her to back off. if she's a real friend she's going to honor that and will leave him alone.

If he happens to be around just tell him straight out that you don't like that and leave you alone and if you have to avoid being around him.

Try flirting with her, if she likes you, then you're lucky, if not, then accept her as your friend

From my experience either the guy has some crush on you, but to afraid to tell you because he might know his friend likes you. Or he just plain out likes you. Or he knows you like his friend so his friend (the guy you like) is telling him to keep an eye out to see if your flirting with other guys ect. or it could be you dress funny..

You should tell your best friend that he's been flirting with you, and just try to get over the guy.

If he asked you in a joking tone then that means he knows you are interested in him and you need to put the moves on him. If it wasn't in a joking tone then he is annoyed and probably likes your friend, in which case you should try to compete with your friend by spending more time with him and flirting more than she does.

If he shows sign of amusement in his flirtation.

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