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I would suggest that the next time you go to a salon, ask the stylist to pull out the color swatches, which are often broken down by color. Have him or her compare your natural color to the swatches. Explain to them that you were wondering whether your hair would be considered blonde or brown. Other than that, you might try comparing your hair color to some of the home coloring kits found at your local drug store. Have a friend go with you to make the job easier.

Blonde ranges from practically white to Caramel colored.

Brown hair has more Red pigment while blonde hair will have more yellow.


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he has blonde he looks like he has brown but his natural hair color is blonde when he was little and you can tell he has some blonde streaks in his hair

it will be closer to brown By alise12~ no not necisarily because my mom has blonde hair and my dad has dark brown almost black and my hair is almost bleach blonde but usually ligh light brown or blonde

it is possible for a child to have brown hair if his or her parents has blonde hair.

It tells you that even though the parents have brown hair, they have a recessive allele for blonde hair also. And even though brown is suppose to be visually dominant, it is not the case at all. Two brown heads can make a blonde or brown, and of course even red haired child. Another way to look at it may be the parents have the following alleles for hair color: (b,b) - (b,b) in which case the dominant allele is Blonde or Brown.

That happen to my mom,She had dirty blonde she has brown hair. When you go in the sun too long it turns color.

No, she had brown hair, never blonde

Right now Fergie's hair is brown. I'm not sure if it ever was blonde

Blonde hair is recessive, so brown hair is heterozygous. But, there is still a 50-50 chance of the kids having either brown hair or blonde hair.

Just keep your hair brown. I have blonde hair but u also can use bleach

Blonde is a recessive gene and Brown is dominant. Therefore, your child's hair will have an extremely high probablity of being brown.

It possibley might have blond or brown because i have blond hair and my brother has brown hair. Ginger hair. My friend has a blonde mom and a Brown hair dad. And she is orange

Mary- Kate Olsen: Has Brown Hair Ashley Olsen: Has Blonde Hair.

Tom naturally has brown hair not blonde hair.

no,her real hair is dark brown but she dyed it blonde

Yes Athena does have Blonde hair but some Idiots say that she has Brown hair

It will probably have blonde hair when it's born but when it grows up it will most likely have brown hair

When I was younger I had blonde hair but now I have brown hair , I'm not sure if this is common or not

no her wig is blonde her real hair is brown

Could be any colour, my father has strawberry blonde hair my mother has brown hair my sister has blonde hair two of my brothers have red hair and I have mousey hair.

It's unpredictable. For example, my Mom has red hair, but her Mom and Dad had brown hair, but their Mom and dad had black hair and one blonde. But my Dad has black hair, and his Dad had brown hair and his Mom had blonde hair, which is why I ended up with brown hair with auburn and blonde highlights and my sister ended up with blonde hair. Crazy, huh?

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