How can you tell if your husband is cheating on you?

Sometimes he comes home late, he has suspicious marks on his shirt or coat, he does not put attention on you, he does not spend time with you, or he does not have private stuff with you.

One of the major signs of cheating is sudden lack of interest. This goes for multiple categories. Sex, Common interests, being around you, physical touch or affection. As a good looking guy I can tell you that guys in general don't have the emotional capacity to sustain deep meaningful relationships with 2 or more women. Sex yes, but not a deep relationship. We're just not built that way.

There are other ways like checking his phone, texts and email but the first signs are above and not limited to just those (although those are good starting points).

Answer 2: Some things to consider: Is your mate viewing pornography, flirting, talking about sexual fantasies with someone else or showing sexual interest in someone else? Does your mate behave too familiar or too affectionately with others? Is your mate constantly critical and complaining about you? Does your mate claim to be too busy or too tired to spend time with you. Has he stopped communicating, openly talking to you?