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Okay well I don't know about the first answer.. but the second one is only right with some mutations of budgies. You have all heard the standard, hens have brown ceres and cocks have blue. This is not entirely true. Hens have brown or beige crusty ceres when they are in breeding condition. While they are not in breeding condition it is completely normal for a hen to have a white or blue cere. Normal cocks have blue or whitish/blue ceres. But, don't be fooled, Ino cocks (albinos, lutinos and creaminos) develop pink ceres.

To sex your budgie you will need to know its mutation and age. Young budgies are harder to sex than adults because there cere will not have fully developed. If you cannot sex a young budgie I would suggest you post a picture of its cere on a budgie forum and ask the experts ;).

AnswerMales keets have blue ceres (the area above their beak where their nostrils are located) and female keets have brown/beige/tan/white. However, a keet needs to be about 5-6 months of age (at least 1 molt) as the cere color can change a little with age. With multicolored ceres, DNA sexing is usually best unless, of course, a bird lays an egg! Answerthere is a way but its very hard to tell however it can be done- hold the bird tightly but gently in your hand -with your other hand on the underneath of its belly follow down a straight line-u will feel boney part. now start at the tail and u will feel a v alittle above the tail feathers. if u can fit ur pinky between the open part of the v its said to be a female. it the bones are so close together u cant fit your pinky tip between them its a male. also u can send away for a free DNA kit where u use a very small amount of blood and send it back for a fee of 39.99 each bird (i think that's how much it is).
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Q: How can you tell if your parakeet is a boy or a girl?
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How can you tell if your parakeet is a girl or a boy?

If the beek is colored darkley then its a boy, if its a light color then its a girl.

How do you tell a boy parakeet from a girl parakeet if they are the same color?

The color of their noses: pink-brownish = girls ; blue = boys

How do you tell if aparakeet is a boy or a girl?

I have a blue parakeet (a.k.a. English budgie), and it's a boy. You can tell if it's a boy if the nostrils are colored. If it's a girl, then the nostrils will be pink or gray.

How do you tell a boy parakeet from a girl parakeet at young age?

Their cere (nose) is pink on a female or blue on a male, however, it's impossible to tell at a young age.

When I got my parakeet from petsmart they said it was a boy but now the cere pinky blue is my parakeet a boy or a girl?

a boy.

How can you tell a rare parakeet's gender?

For the rare parakeet it is quite simple - if the nostrals are blue - it is a boy. if the nostrals are pink, red, or brownish - it's a girl.

How do you tell if a parakeet is a boy or a girl?

Males, the top of the beak where the feathers start called the cere is blue.

Is a girl parakeet smaller than a boy parakeet?

No. They are abot the same size.

How can you tell if your parakeet is a boy or girl?

You can tell by the colors or perform surgery. They have a small band that stretches across the top of their beaks covering their nasal holes. If it is pink it is a girl if it is a boy it will be blue. Hard to tell in younger specimens.

How tell if your parakeet is a boy or girl?

So the male Parakeet has a blueish cere, and the female has a pinkish brown cere. Here is a bad picture of what it kinda looks like

How can you tell if a parakeet is a boy or girl when they are young?

you can go to a vet but they will probably say they are to young to tell. you will have to wait until there cere matures to the respectful color

How can you tell when your parakeet is a bot or girl?

ask doctar

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